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I enjoy the fact that this part of the book is about blogging.  It definitely held my interest more than in the other chapters. 

Reading about how to present your blog was most interesting to me.  I followed along to see if I contain any of that information in my blogs.  For instance, I believe that I have the most trouble when it comes to making catchphrases.  Sometimes when one hits me it works out but most of the time I draw a blank as to creating something that stands out from everybody else's.  However, you can't teach someone to be creative so that is something I will have to work on myself.  The book did say that simple, straight to the point catchphrases are the most helpful.

I also understand that bogs can set the scene for self-marketing so it worries me that I am not blogging to my standards? I did just start out so I do think that with much more blogging practice I will get better.  Also, I will probably be able to make more creative catchphrases to pull in people to read my blogs.

My main concern is that I do not have enough interesting things to talk about.  If I eventually have great catchphrases than that would be helpful but what about the actual content of my blogs?  This is about my opinions and thoughts and sometimes I just can't think of a whole lot to say! This is all me being completely honest.  I hope I can be more relaxed with blogging in the future and let my creative juices spin.

Back to the class.

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