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Well, it is time to report on the blogs that I have successfully written in the past few weeks.  I suppose this is kind of exciting, though I feel like there is not much to "show and tell".  This semester is the first semester that I have started my blog.  After the first few entries I was able to work the entries a lot smoother.  Even though I have so few entries, I plan on showing all of you most of them so we can get a good look at what I have been up to.  All I can say is I am hoping to grow and learn from these early blogging experiences so that I may one day be much better at it!


This articles was about those pesky "Gossip" news sections.

I had another article which dealt with knowing how to cope with a diverse audience.


This was an article that I submitted on-time for the class and it was about the use of smiley faces and I disagreed with the fact that they took over the internet.


I was having some trouble in the beginning of the Castro Workshop, and was helped by fellow students telling me to just stick to the book because it works.

Here we have an article that was about ten tips for writing an effective e-mail.  I received feedback on my response to the article when I talked about making sure that you assume everyone is of high importance when writing an e-mail.


This is a recent article on Wikipedia and I attempted to investigate the amount of students that use Wikipedia as a quick find for information.


This is a comment I left on a peer's blog when she talked about people dressing up in costume to possibly help sell more student newspapers.

Thanks for your time!!

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