This This Called Propaganda

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The first half of this chapter I thought was very repetitive from other chapters.  The reason I think this is because I read about setting up websites and how it should look to users for what feels like the hundreth time.  Although, once the chapter talked abot propaganda is when I became interested.

Reading about all of the common types of true or false propaganda, I realized how much of them I believed too.  For example, the theory about the underdog: whoever is smaller or weaker in a dispute is probably in the right.  I believe this generally based on movies and tv shows, plus I really just want it to be true.  Another theory I believe is progress: everything's getting better; tomorrow will be better than today; yesterday was awful.  I can't even begin to explain how much I always believe that tomorrow will be better than today.  However, I believe this because most of the time it is true.  Unless I have a great day that will be hard to top.

I never realized all of those theories deal with propaganda.  I hope it never manipulates me into doing what the propagandists want.  After reading this I think I should look more into this whole propaganda we are just going to go back to class.

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