This Time, I'm not so Sure

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After reading chapter 2 of Writing for the Web I discovered something...I am not really that interested.

When I was finished reading chapter 1, I immediately began chapter 2 thinking it would be just as interesting.  However, I was bored from the beginning and it took me a while to finish it.  It is not that I didn't pay attention to what I read because I did.  I understood about creating easily navagated websites.  The paragraphs just contained information that I thought I already knew.  Again, it is not that I thought I knew absolutely everything, but there was something about the chapter that just didn't tell me anything interesting.

I hope the next few chapters will be informative and helpful like the first one was.  I did try to gain insight to the chapter and creating webpages but I don't think it stuck with me.  Maybe by reading more I will be able to further my excitement on the subject.

Back to that lovely place I like to call class.

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