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Wow, well I easily became very disinterested in the story The Heist.  I did not realize at first that all of those original hypertext links would take me to pages that had additional hypertext links.  After reading other classmate blogs and then going to the page with the story I thought to myself, "this doesn't seem like too much hypertext." Then I understood the frustration.

After reading some of Killian, I understand what he meant by straight to the facts being the most important part of a story.  Readers do not have time to sit through 50 links that just lead to more links and it just gets confusing to read.  Honestly, I felt like I was wasting so much time by reading that story, and I had so much more I could have been doing.  Because where am I right now?  I am writing a blog about a story that I do not even remember the point of.  I am sure it would not have been a bad story if it just had simple explanations and a few (by few I mean a lot) less hypertext.

This was helpful though because it showed me what not to do.  Even if I want to fill my readers with as much information as possible, there can be a point when it is too much.  I do not enjoy hypertexting that much anyway and although I know it is important to use when readers need more information, I am glad to know that too many is a bad thing.

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