AND The Birds are Singing

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Birds Singing Other Birds' Songs had a lovely introduction to it.

"Each of twelve birds can be cued and combined, appearing graphically and typographically, their songs sung by people. The piece reveals an unusual way in which sounds can be carried through writing into sound again. This process happens in literary and linguistic representation all the time, but Birds Singing Other Birds' Songs heightens our sense of this process" (Maria Mencia).

This was most interesting because when I first looked through this link, I did not pay much attention the introduction.  I went straight to the interaction and although it didn't make sense to me then, I still enjoyed making the birds fly.  It wasn't until the second time around when I read the beginning that it made much more sense to me.  The description of the birds appearing to demonstrate sounds being carried was so beautiful to me that I had to interact with it all over again.

The idea of her poem was to explore kinetic typography which she had gotten very interested in.  The repetitiveness of the letters and what looked like syllables reminded her of sound poems.

Overall, this was an inspiring and creative piece to me, even though it was only possible to interact with it for a short period of time.

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