Blogging...Getting Better?

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Blogs have recently seemed to be a slight burden to me.  I felt myself fall behind once we were being assigned multiple blogs a night but I have done my best to save myself and I am continuing to play a little "catch up."  I have learned how to create more indepth responses for my blogs, probably because I plainly just felt like I have had more to relate to in the topics.  This should get easier as time goes on...I hope.

I have enjoyed the more recent blogging topics because I have had more to say and more to write.  My goal is to manage my time for blogging better then I have been doing.  Then, I will feel at ease with the class.

Now, here is an updated blogging portfolio to show all of you out there what I have been writing about for the past few weeks.

Coverage: This is when I directly quoted Kilian from the book Writing for the Web.

Timliness:  Here is a blog that I have turned in within 24 hours of the due date entitled Gameing? Interesting.

Interaction:There have not been many blogs full of interaction for me (something I need to work on with better "eye-catching" titles I guess?) But anyway here is a comment I have left.

Depth:  Here are a few blogs where I have had some in-depth thinking.  One is titled AND the birds are singing which talked about my interest on a specific hyperlink.  The other one is called My thoughts on Kilian which describes what I thought about his book Writing for the Web.

Discussion:  Discussion is when I have left a significant comment on a peers blog which is what I felt happened when discussing the issue of faith.

Okay, well now it is back to Writing for the Internet.


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