Gameing? Interesting.

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Well, I thought that all of the information at once was a lot to handle.  There wee some points I was trying to make clear in my head that I managed to figure some things out.  Especially after reading Chelsea and Shellie's blogs, I was able to figure out that Dr. Jerz had talked about a gaming class in his introduction speech.

The idea for this seems very interesting to me.  I am a rookie right now when it comes to working with computers in the technical way that I have been doing in Writing for the Internet.  There is so much I still need to learn and so much that I still have to work on.  Right now, I feel like a class dealing with "video games" would provide a better understanding when it comes to creative computer technology.

If I could fit a class like this into my schedule then I would do it.  There is nothing that I would love more right now then to better understand what I am doing in this class and others.  The "Scott Adams Speaks" section did not provide a whole lot of interesting information for me.  I enjoyed that he was able to have interaction with the audience and he encouraged them to try to participate.

The last section, Parser Fun, was a commical section to read and listen to.  There were just some funny stories and I liked hearing the audience laugh at everything which is the most I got out of that last section which is okay because it mostly recapped what had happened earlier.

Overall, this whole idea seems very modern to me which is exciting.  It would not just be another class that dealt with writing and writing online but it would broaden my sense of what is happening in the world today and what is most common.  I hope Dr. Jerz could even discuss it a little further in class because some of what I was listening to I couldn't understand- but I would like to know more about the "gaming class." 


Yes, in class Friday I'll give a presentation that's designed to link together what we've been studying so far with this new kind of interactive text. I'll teach that gaming class again during J-term 2010.

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