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I have not read many books like this.  In fact, I have never read any books like this, which I do not consider a bad thing.  For the class EL 236, we are required to learn as much as we can about the computer and the internet.  I am not used to reading chapters that discuss terms and directions for the internet that I already have known for years.  However, for some people I am sure this is very needed.

I am not one to critisize on other people's work because I see the light in it and can generally understand why they do something that I do not agree with.  In the case of Kilian's work, the only area I was frustrated with was the constant reminders and going over the same information for a couple of chapters.  Maybe I was looking too much into it or maybe the information could have been slightly different.  But my opinion remains that I was a little tired of reading the same text over and over again.

The positives about the book are that it was clear to follow.  Kilian used simple enough words for someone to understand how to work webpages.  For example, "Every page on your site should at least have a link to your front page or display a table of contents" (Kilian 29).  This may seem simple enough but I would probably mess it up if I didn't have that written right infront of me.  I am someone who did not understand the step-by-step process of uploading, content, and everything in between.  In that aspect, I was banking on Kilian not leaving anything out because I knew I would not be able to follow unless I had ALL of the information.  Bottom line: Details are great for people who have no clue.

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