I Felt Like A Slouch in Bedlam

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So here is how I feel about Slouching Towards Bedlam...NOT good.

It is definitely not one of the most frustrating games that I have played but it is probably in my top 10.  Mostly I was frustrated because I was excited when I heard there were five different endings to this game and I wondered which one I would accomplish first.  The answer is none of them.

I started off fine, just moving through the few rooms like the lobby and the courtyard.  I tried to look at things and fine ways to get through the gates but I had no such luck.  Then I realized I had forgotten to find out some information from James.  I tried to ask him questions because he was acting very nervous.  So since he seemed nervous around me, I asked him what was wrong with me and he said I needed to lay down.  Well, then I didn't get any further information because he would just say things like "I don't know sir, I just don't know"

When I went outside to the courtyard I got into the horse cab thing and the driver asked me where I wanted to go.  But I had no idea where to begin to ask him, so I just got out and tried to find some alternative way.  This was not working for me.  I finally decided to travel southeast to apparently where there was "cold" and a "numbing feeling" and there was another person at my service.  He of course could not help me with anything so I just stopped.  I could not find any other way to get out of the hospital and I was frustrated so now I am done with it.

I guess I just am not creative enough to find my way out of there because I just didn't know the right phrases to say or questions to ask.  I am probably still going to try and figure it out later but for now, this ship has sailed.

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Aja Hannah said:

That is similar to how I felt and what I blogged about in my blog. I couldn't really get anywhere. I had been so excited before about getting to an end, but, when I didn't and I got stuck and sent upwards of 20 minutes trying to do something, I just got so upset and frustrated that I gave up at the end of the hour.

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