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This book could not be more of a savior compared to the other ones we have read thus far in EL236.  Looking at the title Don't Make Me Think! by Steve Krug, I was hoping it would be just that; and it was.

As I was reading the introduction, I got a sense of who this author was.  He is someone that is able to relate to an audience and understands what is going on in people's heads.  It makes me think that he has some sort of background in pshycology because he knows how we, the readers, will interpret a certain book.  I love how he explained almost immediately that this book was going to be short, easy to read, and straight to the point.

In chapter 1 he caught my attention by using pictures! This was great because I am more likely to pay attention when I have something visual to look at.  I could relate to the pictures because they described the process of a person's mind when they are searching a website for jobs (as an example).  Everything he was descibing was very helpful and showed me more clearly what I would have to do if I was conducting my own website.

In chapter 2 it was clear that I was becoming very interested in what Krug was saying.  I especially liked when he said, "We don't read pages.  We scan them" (Krug 22).  He continues to write sections on topics such as, "We don't figure out how things work.  We muddle through" (Krug 26). 

Personally, I agree that we are all just a tad lazy when it come to almost everything and since people are not going to adapt, then websites have to adapt to people.

By chapter 3 the reader gets the point that people searching through websites really do not care or have the time to do anything but quickly scan each site.  So, it is time for you to start thinking about what you can do to make your site visually interesting, clear, and straight to the point.  Then, I understood more about making things obviously clickable.  I am someone who will click on many words or pictures to try and get to another page if I think its a link, but some people won't even try unless they know for certain.  Links are a very important part to making an interesting website/main wepbage and they are more important to the users then I realized.

This book is a good read for me so far, and I am really enjoying the author and his simple views on everything! 


Jed Fetterman said:

I love how Krug says from the start that this book is designed to be read on the run. After reading a lot of stuff in Travel Lit. where people become caught up in their own ideas and descriptions, it is nice to read a book that was designed with the reader in mind. The title seems to take off all the pressure, I feel like I am learning more because it is just happening. I am not fighting to glean a few miniscule facts out of a 300 page book.

Megan Seigh said:

I agree, you don't have to search for those important facts because he puts them in bullets right infront of you. It is such a step up because unlike the other books, I can relate to the mind-set that this author is in.

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