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Progress On My Project

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Well, I have so many thoughts for my IF game that it is probably becoming too complex.  So, I am learning to cut down on the ideas that I have to make it a game that can be played in a few short weeks.

A few people tested my IF game in class.  I changed a few spots that seemed to be confusing, or the wording was weird.  But it is just frustrating that I don't know most of the commands that I want to use.  I try to look them up but it is not clear at all how to do it.  I try many different combinations of words and I mostly never get it right.  When Dr.  Jerz shows me the right way I'm just a few words off, or I had them in the wrong order which is frustrating. 

I'm still excited about my idea but I probably won't be able to have my users do everything I want them to do for lack of knowing the commands.  It still should be interesting!

Other ideas.

Progress Report For "Phantom"

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I have decided, for my final project for Writing For the Internet, that I will create an Interactive Fiction game!  I looked at the options I had for this project which were basically down to creating an IF game, or a website.  I had some trouble when we were creating the website's and I wasn't sure what I would make a website on, so I decided to do an IF game.  When we created the sample games in class, it was a lot of fun for me to come up with a theme for my game and create all of the smaller details that went with it.

Because I was so interested in the game, I thought for this project that I would expand on the one I was working on earlier this month.  I named it "Phantom" and I was basing it off of Phantom of the Opera.  I had so many ideas for the game and I am sure I will not have enough time to create everything that I want to create for it!! But I am hoping that the general idea will be interesting enough to others.

Legend has it that the Phantom still haunts the Opera house in France.  You are playing a ghost hunter in search of the Phantom.  You start the game off in the lobby of the Opera house.  From there you are on the hunt to find clues, unlocked doors, dungeons, and basically anything that might lead you to the Phantom.  But does he actually exist?  You are hoping to find him but there is a chance he is not there.  You must rely on the clues and what you see to decide for yourself if you should continue on the search.

I thought this would be a fun game for people to play.  Almost everyone has heard of the Phantom of the Opera so it is already familiar.  I did not go off of a specific game for this, I just knew I wanted to create a mystery game because those were the most fun that I had played.

I have already drawn out the map for this and I have many ideas ready to go.  The basis for the rooms is already completed, so I am hoping I can just get as much done as I can!

Is It Getting Harder? Or Easier?

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Well, time seems to be flying even more than in between the last 2 portfolios.  I can't believe it is time for me to yet again look back on the past few weeks of Writing For The Internet at the blogging that I have created and participated in.  I think what I have learned is that I need to be much more efficient with my blogging...getting them done seems to be more difficult for me this time around.  Possibly because I have had a lot on my plate these past few weeks?  For improvement, I am hoping to make these next few weeks a blow-out period where I just blog on everything that I possibly can!! And we shall see if this happens.

Coverage:  Krug is always useful for quotes.

Timeliness: It's always good to be on time.

Interactive:  Start of a good book!IF Games 

Depth:  Delving Into Bedlam

Discussion:  Krug's final chapters

The Aftermath of Krug

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Reading Don't Make Me Think by Steve Krug has certainly turned out to be a worthwhile experience.  After reading the first few chapters of this book, it left me wondering how I would feel about the rest.

I enjoyed those first chapters immensely because of the matter-of-fact tone that Krug took on the whole thing.  As stated in one of my past blogs about Krug, the book was easy for me to read, understand, and connect with.  However, what I wondered was if I would be getting enough information (meaning it would be too easy) or it starts out like that but it will get a lot more tougher and confusing.

I learned the most about usability testing especially because we demonstrated that in Writing For The Internet.  There was a simple quote summing up the importance of this, "If you want a great site, you've got to test" (Krug 133). This is why I loved the simplicity of Krug. 

Well as it turns out, the book did not fool me and remained an interesting and informative piece for incoming web writers.  I thought this was up to date with the technical stuff...especially for me because I did not know some of that "beginners" information which was helpful to learn.  I suppose the only updates needed for a future book would be the software.  I am not full of knowledge on that subject but I know that updated software and techniques are always available so that would be my only suggestion for improvement.

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