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Well, I have so many thoughts for my IF game that it is probably becoming too complex.  So, I am learning to cut down on the ideas that I have to make it a game that can be played in a few short weeks.

A few people tested my IF game in class.  I changed a few spots that seemed to be confusing, or the wording was weird.  But it is just frustrating that I don't know most of the commands that I want to use.  I try to look them up but it is not clear at all how to do it.  I try many different combinations of words and I mostly never get it right.  When Dr.  Jerz shows me the right way I'm just a few words off, or I had them in the wrong order which is frustrating. 

I'm still excited about my idea but I probably won't be able to have my users do everything I want them to do for lack of knowing the commands.  It still should be interesting!

Other ideas.


Daniella Choynowski said:

Oh I hate it when you have to reword everything. Sometimes the game won't accept the command because of a space or quotation. I have almost been tempted to have up as I was programming in another class.

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