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Finally. Complete.

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This project seemed harder than I thought it was going to be.  Only because I didn't realize how precise I was going to have to be when coding my IF game.  However, now it is complete and I can look back on the changes I made during the whole process.

It helped me to have people test my game because they could suggest to me some changes I needed to make.  It even helped me when I would test my game over and over because I would notice problems and simple things such as spell check.

The main changes I made were adding more content and making the navigation easier.  The main thing I completely forgot to do was tell the player which direction exits and entrances were.  I knew that I told the computer but I didn't think about it after that.  This was an easy fix but when I tested the game myself I didn't realize because I already knew where to go so is was helpful to have a test player.

Adding more content was just something I did continuously throughout the process.  Especially at the very end, I just spent a day adding details to the descriptions I already had.  When it came to the codes that I didn't know, I just had to work on figuring those out myself...Also, I added details to the commands that I noticed users typing such as, "go north" even when you can't go north, I added fun descriptions as to why.

User testing has definitely helped me in the process of making my game.  And I thank everyone who helped me with it and gave me ideas! I learned a lot from IF gameing and I hope to learn more because it was a great experience!

Back to last time. 

The End is only the Beginning...

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Weeks and weeks have gone by, and I have successfully lived through a semester of writing classes (among others).  All I can say is I have learned so much through the material, my classmates, and my professors.  Portfolio 4 is an overview of what I have been working on the past few weeks in class, which has been an Interactive Fiction game.

Here are some of the blogs about the game that I have been creating the last few weeks:

Progress Report for Phantom.

Progress on my Project.

Since I have started my Journalism classes this semester, I felt a little overwhelmed in the beginning with all of the blogging I had to do and learned to do.  I think after a while I got the hang of it and now I hope to be the person who helps others with it.  It has been a reality check this semester with what classes I have to come.  But I do feel better prepared in the long run having taken this class.  In Writing For the Internet, I have learned to make websites and to make Interactive Fiction games, along with just learning the basics of the Internet through the books Don't Make Me Think, Writing for the Web, and Creating A Webpage.

Even though I have had some troubles along the way, I still feel like I have learned a lot about the Internet.  Creating a website from scratch was the hardest project for me.  I can do it if I need to but I will definitely have to practice to feel a lot better about it.  Interactive Fiction was my favorite because I could create a game using my own imagination while applying what I learned along the way.  Overall, this class has been extremely helpful to me, as I figured it would be, and hopefully along with my Religious Studies minor I will be looking at a full future ahead.  Because afterall, the end is only the beginning...

Take a look at my past portfolios:

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