Finally. Complete.

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This project seemed harder than I thought it was going to be.  Only because I didn't realize how precise I was going to have to be when coding my IF game.  However, now it is complete and I can look back on the changes I made during the whole process.

It helped me to have people test my game because they could suggest to me some changes I needed to make.  It even helped me when I would test my game over and over because I would notice problems and simple things such as spell check.

The main changes I made were adding more content and making the navigation easier.  The main thing I completely forgot to do was tell the player which direction exits and entrances were.  I knew that I told the computer but I didn't think about it after that.  This was an easy fix but when I tested the game myself I didn't realize because I already knew where to go so is was helpful to have a test player.

Adding more content was just something I did continuously throughout the process.  Especially at the very end, I just spent a day adding details to the descriptions I already had.  When it came to the codes that I didn't know, I just had to work on figuring those out myself...Also, I added details to the commands that I noticed users typing such as, "go north" even when you can't go north, I added fun descriptions as to why.

User testing has definitely helped me in the process of making my game.  And I thank everyone who helped me with it and gave me ideas! I learned a lot from IF gameing and I hope to learn more because it was a great experience!

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