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Brainstorming For Setonian Online

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To be completely honest, I have never really looked at the Setonian Online.  I guess I don't have a need to because I really enjoy reading the actual newspaper more.  But since I am a writer for the newspaper, I guess I should start paying attention.

My mom will tell me that she checks the Setonian when I tell her the new issue has come out.  Before I can get the print version to her, she usually wants to see how the article looks.  Eventually she finds it but I've been told by her that it takes some time and is even difficult to find the right section, or article.  This is especially true when she doesn't know the name of the article.

What I can tell from other people is that the site needs more work.  It needs better navigation, more photos, and even videos to relate to the stories being reported.  But they don't have to relate to just the videos being posted, they can be videos of just about anything that people today would want to read.  I think that the site could be colorful and in your face.  It could have moveable scroll with words telling you news or other information.  There is so much to be said for what websites can do, and our Setonian online can do all of them if not more.  I would love to help out with anything for the online site and its' editors.  Just say the word.

The School does its Best

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I definitely was taken aback with the text message that I had received early Sunday morning.  My only problem with it is that it didn't give enough information that I wanted.  Then again, I thought that maybe no one wanted to send out the wrong information.  Sure, it wasn't much but I understood that there was a problem and that I shouldn't go outside.  I called my mom, and my roommates and I put on the news.  This was all I could do besides wait, and sure enough we got another text message not 40 min later saying the alert was over.

I think that if an alert like this would have gone out at 3 or 4 in the morning it would have caused more panic.  More likely people would have been outside searching for what was happening.  Instead, the school figured most people were safe because they were in their dorms sleeping so why wake them with an alerting text?  They waited until it was about the time we were all waking up, and they didn't want anyone to drive by and see that kind of scene: so I get it.

To be a reporter for something like a school shooting would be a really rough job.  I'm not sure I would be able to handle it the way a reporter should.  Obviously I know I couldn't right now because I am still in school.  Even later in life, I would only be able to sympathize with the students and their families; I would never be able to hound them with microphones, a pen, and a piece of paper.  I think school shootings are one of the most horrific things to take place in society today.  It is scary for me to even think about and more so sad.  I give credit to the reporters that can get the story out there because it is important for people to know the facts about something serious like that.  But I do not give them credit for doing what they sometimes have to do to get the job done, which is to be the bad guy.


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I am going to have to contradict myself this time.

News can always be counted on for giving the world crimes, arrests, murders; almost anything that makes for something dangerous or bloody.  I do like to read about that stuff but mostly because if I read it in my hometown newspaper, than it might be someone I know.  If something like that is on the news however, I do not like to listen to it.

Especially if I watch the news at 11:00, and I am about to go to bed, I don't appreciate learning of the murders and rapes that have recently happened 30 min away from me.  It is not something that I am interested in.  I know that I should be more interested in listening to the news but I enjoy reading so much more...I don't feel as scared or worried.

I always think about what I am writing for the Setonian and if it is news worthy enough.  Usually i am assigned articles that I think, "this is not very interesting to me, but maybe other people will care." Hopefully that will change for me soon when I will be able to write about subjects that I care a lot more about.  Anyway, I think the Setonian does a good job picking out the stories that will make a difference to some people, and our stories aren't even bloody! (or not usually).

Let's see some other thoughts.

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