Brainstorming For Setonian Online

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To be completely honest, I have never really looked at the Setonian Online.  I guess I don't have a need to because I really enjoy reading the actual newspaper more.  But since I am a writer for the newspaper, I guess I should start paying attention.

My mom will tell me that she checks the Setonian when I tell her the new issue has come out.  Before I can get the print version to her, she usually wants to see how the article looks.  Eventually she finds it but I've been told by her that it takes some time and is even difficult to find the right section, or article.  This is especially true when she doesn't know the name of the article.

What I can tell from other people is that the site needs more work.  It needs better navigation, more photos, and even videos to relate to the stories being reported.  But they don't have to relate to just the videos being posted, they can be videos of just about anything that people today would want to read.  I think that the site could be colorful and in your face.  It could have moveable scroll with words telling you news or other information.  There is so much to be said for what websites can do, and our Setonian online can do all of them if not more.  I would love to help out with anything for the online site and its' editors.  Just say the word.

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