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I am going to have to contradict myself this time.

News can always be counted on for giving the world crimes, arrests, murders; almost anything that makes for something dangerous or bloody.  I do like to read about that stuff but mostly because if I read it in my hometown newspaper, than it might be someone I know.  If something like that is on the news however, I do not like to listen to it.

Especially if I watch the news at 11:00, and I am about to go to bed, I don't appreciate learning of the murders and rapes that have recently happened 30 min away from me.  It is not something that I am interested in.  I know that I should be more interested in listening to the news but I enjoy reading so much more...I don't feel as scared or worried.

I always think about what I am writing for the Setonian and if it is news worthy enough.  Usually i am assigned articles that I think, "this is not very interesting to me, but maybe other people will care." Hopefully that will change for me soon when I will be able to write about subjects that I care a lot more about.  Anyway, I think the Setonian does a good job picking out the stories that will make a difference to some people, and our stories aren't even bloody! (or not usually).

Let's see some other thoughts.

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