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Even though I have been supporting the better qualities of the news, I still understand the Hocus Pocus tricks of TV broadcasting.

This is just like in the movies when a story is exagerated for viewing plessure: A news broadcaster will always spruce up the story to gain viewers attention.  I understand the importance of giving the news to viewers as urgently is possible but in my opinion, let us decide what is most important for ourselves.  If every breaking news was treated the same way, with the same urgency, then viewers could pick out for themselves what they think is more important or what they should worry about because it would suit them.  Rather then doing things that way, news broadcasters want viewers to see what they see as most important; which usually means whatever story they can continue to run for a few hours, or even a few days.

Personally, I could use some more "good" news.  I always fear turning on the news and seeing all of the headlines being "murder," "rape," shootings." I know these things happen more then they should and it is certainly important to have knowledge of it but I love when I see some friendly/happy news.

As for things really being as bad as we are lead to believe; well, I know broadcasters liven up stories to catch our attention but the fact is that we do need our attention to be caught because we really could be missing out on an important story if it weren't for the determined news crew.


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