I Can't Entirely Agree With This

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Looking at that comic did make me laugh because it is something that would be on a skit from "Saturday Night Live." That being said, when people are poking fun at situations like that, blowing it out of proportion can be an issue.

I agree that in some instances news reporters are just looking for a story and a reason to point the camera somewhere.  I do not agree that this happens all the time because generally the reporters are pointing the camera's to a place of significance to the story.

I did not expect to feel that way when reading the comic but for some reason it bothered me that it was assuming all news reporters act in that manner.  After all, reporters do not get to a scene until the situation is over; so, for the viewers sake they will show what they can to give us the satisfaction.  I don't see anything wrong with that.  I want to be informed and enjoy when the reporters actually CAN get to one of those places; even if the occurance is already over.

As for when the reporter supposedly looked at Wikipedia to tell the viewers if the famous person was good and what they did, I have never seen that happen.  The reporters quote other famous people and other people who knew them to get the information.  I just don't see the issue with this situation.  News reporters are "reporting." That is what they do and they do it to the best of their abbility.



Katie Vann said:

I really liked how you took a position that was opposite to what a lot of the people in class are feeling. Not only did I find this unique and interesting to read, but I also think you defended your position well. Your points about how reporters are just trying to keep people informed, even with this kind of news, is true. If reporteres didn't go and try to do some coverage on a famous person's death, people might become more angery because they aren't informed. Its like a lose-lose situation for the reporters in this situation: if they report on the person's death, people complain that they're annoyed because it really has nothing to do with their lives; however if the reporters didn't cover it, people would be angery because they would want to know what happened to the person who did have some sort of influence on the society we are living in.

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