It's Still Important

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I watched the 6 o'clock news and for the most part, I was impressed with the amount of news that was shown.  The fire in California to Teddy Kennedy dying.  It was a big day for news so perhaps that helped the reporters and broadcasters.

Normally, I would think (from mostly the word-of-mouth by other people) that the news is full of headlines but no stories and commercials every minute.  However, when I am truly watching and paying close attention to the news, I end up getting everything I want out of yet.  They have to headline the important things to keep people's attention for the entire program and I can understand that.

There are plenty of times when the stories on the news are "old" news or not newsworthy at all but just filler stories.  But this evening's news happened to be important and worthy of many headlines and many stories following.



Greta Carroll said:

I agree, I was impressed for the most part with the news as well. There were less commercials and small talk than I expected. It’s always refreshing to see the news for once when it’s not just filler.

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