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EL227- Newswriting is into its 4th week of the semester and now it is time for us students to post our blogging portfolios to show where are weaknesses and strengths are.  I have tried to blog as proficiently as possible and as accurately as I could.  It gets to be a hassle when I am juggling so many classes, an internship, and other outside school work.  However, this early on in the semester I feel I have accomplished more accurate blogging then I had in a while.

 1.  Coverage.  Coverage is important.  Coverage means that I was well informed of the topic and I read and researched as much as I could about it in order to reveal an accurate explanation on my account.  Here is a blog entry where I wrote an informed response.

2.  Depth.  It is ideal to have as much information as possible in a blog.  Coverage and depth go hand-in-hand when I state my knowledge from texts and website's and write it down in my blogs.  Here is a blog where I showed an appropriate amount of depth.

3.  Interaction.  When blogging, sometimes it is good to link or comment on a peer's blogs whether I agree or disagree with what they are saying.  I find it useful to sustain a conversation that is well-informed on both parts.  Here are some examples of interaction with me peers.

4.  Discussions.  This is an example of some of my peers commenting on my personal blogs.  It is great to know that people are reading and taking into consideration what my thoughts are and what I have to write about.  2nd Example.

5.  Timeliness.  It is always important for me to post my blogs on time because it is a better opportunity for my peers to comment on my blog before they comment on others.  These are some examples of my blog entries being posted on time if not earlier then the respected due date.  First Example.  Second Example.  Third Example.

6.  Xenoblogging.  This means to be the guest on someone else's blog.  For example, being the first to comment on another's blog, writing a thoughtful comment, or writing a well-informed comment on a peer's blog.

7.  Wildcard.  These would be entries that focus on my ability to work my weblog and create well-written work.  Feel free to check out Seton Hill University's (SHU) National Holocaust Center's website to look at where most of my recent blogging has taken me and where I spend most of my blogging effort's.  Here are some specific entries.  And another one.


If you have any thoughts or suggestions that might be useful to my blogging then feel free to let me know! As long as it is good and informative.  Thanks!

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