Ringing in the Holiday Season

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Intro:  Seton Hill University proudly presented its annual Christmas concert on Sunday, December 6, 2009.  Every year, the Seton Hill University Choir hosts this Christmas concert in St. Josephs Chapel on campus, to celebrate the upcoming holiday season.

The concert always occurs on the first weekend of December, in which director Marvin Huls specifically organizes two concerts back-to-back in order to comfortably fit the growing number of attendees each year.

Outro:  That was Seton Hill University Choir singing Infant Holy at their annual Christmas concert in Saint Josephs Chapel.  Director Marvin Huls has made CD's of this concert available for purchase online and by his contact information.  Look for more from Seton Hill University's Choir in the spring when they perform their final concert of the school year.

Take a look at the Seton Hill homepage and search for more on concert and music information.

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