Looking Into The Future

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"In the Bell Laboratories there is the converse of this machine, called a Vocoder.  the loudspeaker is replaced by a microphone, which picks up sound.  Speak to it, and the corresponding keys move.  This may be one element of the postulated system." -- This is from an article called "As we may think" by Vannevar Bush.

Although Bush talks about many thoughts that have kind of already come into existence, I thought this was definitely an idea of the near future.  One of the things Bush talks about is the Memex, which never came to existing, but the idea of it was apparently very beneficial to people of the time.  I could see how there might be excitement about this 'way of the internet.' I think that Bush describes something that makes sense, if there was no other option.  Of course, being an experienced internet user myself, I would think this is actually pretty crazy and useless.

Anyway, in the quote above, Bush is describing a realistic way of the future.  I have already heard of devices that record sound and type on a page, but they haven't really made their place in the world yet.  At least not permanently.  That is exactly what I think about now when I think of the future.  And right now, I have a sense that there is not much else we can go forward with.  This would be the perfect idealistic device for the future.  I wouldn't be surprised if it existed within the next few years since this seems to be a time when technology is booming.


Danielle said:

Hopefully they get this going sooner than later. Great post! Thanks for sharing.

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