Take Me Out Of The Text Game

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I have interacted with text games before.  I have even created one before.  But I don't remember how exactly.  I'm sure it would come back to me if I had some reminders.  As for playing the text games, I found this video to be very useful.  When I would play the games, I don't think I spent as much time as Peter did looking at all the details, then again I didn't have Dr. Jerz there guiding me the whole time.  In fact, when there was an entire block of text after I typed in "look" than I most likely got frustrated that there was too much information so I would ignore half of it.

I liked how Peter talked through the difficult parts and on some cases, just by saying it out loud, he realized what he had to do.  The fact that only ten minutes went by and he started to understand the game pretty well was impressive.

As you can probably guess, I'm not a big fan of text games.  I think they are a good way to pass the time, and if I'm looking to just go with the flow and not try to win the game then that's fine and I might take my time.  But for me, text is made for reading and not made to be played with in the manner that I have to type back to the text to find the answers.  It's not just typing back words, the problem is that it is impossible to find the right words and it is so frustrating that the computer doesn't know everything!  Anyway, I'm sure if I were made to spend a couple hours on a text game, I wouldn't find it as frustrating but as of right now, I probably wouldn't choose to play one.  If I'm playing a computer game, I need it to have pictures and movement, not just text.


Some of the more recent IF works are designed less like a game, and more like a world to explore, or a conversation to drive. The early works focused on scoring and timers, in order to get the players to focus on a particular task.

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