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Topics in Media and Culture: The History and the Future of the Book, has been an interesting mix of learning, learning what I already new, and learning some more.  I think I ended up realizing where I stand on a lot of issues dealing with reading and writing and books in general.

My work, starting from the date January 28, 2010 and continuing until May 10, 2010, contains a billion blogs (not really, but close) ranging from the origin of books to the view of the future of the book.  

As a result from this class, I have gained a better understanding of other people's views, not just my classmates but also the scholarly books that we read.  My views never necessarily changed but I understood how I needed to accept other people's thoughts and ideas, which I do!  I can't say I never accepted other people's views before, but now I actually get it.  Anyway, I did not struggle so much with the blogs, maybe with the papers.  Papers are the hardest thing, because its hard to know what you are doing wrong or right, even if you work on multiple drafts!  But they are still getting done and that's all that matter: I'm trying!

This last research paper has been interesting.  I feel like I have learned a lot to write about and I have researched plenty but I still find that I am repeating what I have been saying all semester.  I guess that's okay, but I wanted to come up with different ideas.  Either way, I am still writing it and I am still revising it and I am still trying to organize it!  It will be an ongoing thing but hopefully well worth the time I put into it!

Overall, I have taken a lot out of this class.  I have learned to honestly look at all printed books differently because I have no idea how much longer they will last.  Darn those e-books.  I think this class was a good deep analyzing text class that will prepare me for my classes next year and for my future jobs.  


Hollis Mandell PA said:

Good post! Honestly insightful on your part Megan.

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