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This having been the second time around that I have used HTML/CSS, I thought that it was a much quicker approach then the first time.  When I learned it in Writing for the Internet two years ago, I felt like we spent a lot more time reading about it and learning about it step by step.  However, in EL405 I felt like I was kind of thrown into the unit and had to figure things out as I went.  I am actually not saying that it was a bad thing, because I happen to know what I am doing now better then I did two years ago.

I approached my website knowing that it was going to be a portfolio about me.  There were many other subject areas I could cover, but I thought it would be most interesting if I continued to work on my own portfolio, and it would be beneficial for me to do so.  So, I took the sample document that Dr. Jerz sent to the class and I used it as the base for my own personal website.

The idea of this project was to not only make a website, but to make it so it can be viewed in an iPad or iPod format.  I think this is great knowledge for any career after college because the future is moving towards iPads and small digital devices like that.  It wasn't hard to read and figure out the codes that allow the text to be more easily viewed on an iPad but I'm sure I left out some things and I have a lot more to learn.

In the small amount of time we have had to work on HTML, I have not been able to create everything I have wanted on my website.  I know that we will go back to it, but a website is a big ordeal, so for now I am just proud that it is a working website that is viewable on the iPad.  I am also proud of some of the troubleshooting I did for myself.  Sometimes it is very beneficial just to look online and search for the codes you want or the look you want.  I am also proud of the scrolling word marquee I have across the top of my webpage.  I thought it looked cool and I was happy I found it.

There are some links that are not working yet, but that is because I haven't had time to create the web pages for them yet.  That's okay, because that is one of the things I want to do when we come back to HTML/CSS and possibly even further if I come back to it for my final project.  Besides the links, I will probably work more on the format.  I love the color's so far because it screams me, but I think I could liven the page up with more going on.  Not a cluttered look, just a more fuller look.  Overall, I am excited that I got as far as I did and that it was possible for me to create.

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