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Beta Release Report: Making Changes to HTML/CSS

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Learning From Volunteer's
The main idea that I learned from my volunteers, was that I need to stop talking about what I'm going to do with my website and just do it.  The problem was that when the volunteers were looking at my HTML, I would start saying something like "Oh, I will finish that later," or "Yes, I planned on adding that soon."  Finally, my first volunteer said, "Well why aren't you adding it then?"  I completely agree that I need to suck it up and make the changes to my HTML no matter how much I'm afraid to get rid of the original look because that was the reason why I wasn't changing things.  I have my navigation bar at the top, but I still have the original navigation in the body of the homepage.  I have been keeping it there in case something went wrong with the navigation bar, but I think it's time that I take everything in the body of the homepage out so I can really get a feel for what my homepage is going to look like.

You can see in this image my homepage with a user using the messed up links.  The black and white fuzzy coloring is wrong and for some reason adding the code for these buttons messed with my style.css and made my homepage black and white instead of the green I had.  As you can see, the mouse pointer over one of the links turns the link into a green button, which IS what it's supposed to do, but the rest was not worth the hassle.

In this picture, you can see some of the other pages I have worked on, like the VIDEO page.  This page has the navigation bar that I originally made when I came back to HTML and I think this is what I need to bring back to the home page, unless I can figure something else out.

This photo shows the code for the buttons I wanted that didn't work out very well.  This code messes everything up unfortunately.

Changes I Have Already Made
  • Some changes I had already made involved changing my home page navigation bar to buttons that looked appropriate for the iPad, but then the coding was just not working to get it looking right, so then I had to change it back to the original navigation bar.

  • I cleaned up many of the links that did not have the style sheet attached, or the ones that had nothing written in them thus far.
Further Changes To Make
  • The most important thing I have to do is add my resume.  I think it is highly important that my resume be apart of this HTML, especially on the home page for any future employers to see.

  • The next important thing would be adding writing samples.  I got this idea from a student in my class, and I think it makes complete sense to add a section titled "Writing Samples" and add my work for people to see and for my own benefit.

  • The last change I would try an attempt would be working on the buttons again for the navigation bar.  I think it would be great to make these buttons iPad appropriate, but I fear it will take up a lot of time to get the code working since it just ended up being confusing the recent time I tried.
If I Had More Time
  • If I had more time, the first thing I would do is add "sub links" to some of the links in my navigation bar.  I think it would organize the navigation through my website in a more refined manner.

  • The next thing I would do if I had more time is work out a new way to get the iPad-looking buttons.  I might have to search the internet to find helpful codes (I have already done this but apparently I need to dig deeper).  I really wanted my buttons to have that cool looking affect but I don't think its going to happen by Dec 8, especially if I don't want it to mess with my code or my style sheet.
Here is a look into my HTML work, portfolio's, and video:

Term Project: HTML/CSS

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While working on the three different projects throughout the term in EL405, I have chosen HTML/CSS to test my abilities for the rest of this term.

My goal is to get up a website that can be treated as a resume for future employers.  I want the employers to know that this isn't some website I told someone else to make for me: It is a website that I designed and coded and maintained, so I want the website to have a feel for my personal taste's and interests but also with a professional flare.

By Thursday, I plan on having the ultimate sketch of the way I want my website to look and then specific details on what codes I will be working on to make my website look the way I want it to.

By next Tuesday I will hopefully have done the major work for the main page of my website which will include a better display of links and better organization.

I am confident that I can put links in my website and use the coding that I have used before (just more extensively).  I am not sure what I could specifically need a refresher on, but I will probably ask questions about new things that I want to accomplish that I just haven't tried before, however I won't know that until I write everything out that I plan on accomplishing.

Revised Midterm Portfolio

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This is the blogging Midterm Portfolio of Megan Seigh.  This revised Portfolio contains the contents of 3 screencasts from projects worked on throughout the semester during EL405 (Media Projects).

Scratch, the second time around, proved to be much more easier and efficient then the first few weeks.  I found that after working through Inform 7 and Html, I was able to come back to Scratch with a certain amount of experience and ease.  I didn't get frustrated with the coding and I was able to fix and work with Scratch in double the time that I could when I first began it.

YouTube video of Scratch Screencast

I learned more from the user testing this time around, because I realized sometimes the user doesn't know that there is anything wrong, especially if they have never seen the program before.  My tester had never seen Scratch before, so I don't think she noticed the problem at the end.  User testing is important, but it is also important for you, the creator, to constantly be on the look out for what you can do better and what you can fix.  I noticed the problem at the end and didn't mention it to her; instead, I fixed the problem, which you can see in the video above.

You can take a look at my past Scratch portfolio's here:

Inform 7 was also a lot easier when working with it for the second time.  Going over my game again, I noticed that there was not much more I wanted to do with it, but I was able to spend some time adding another level to the game.  I worked with Inform 7 two years ago and I did enjoy it, but for some reason I have enjoyed it more during this class.  I think the reason is for the amount of time I got to work on the project without being disturbed.  It was harder in a 50 minute class to think about what I wanted to do and actually attempt it, and try to work through it before the class ended.  During this 3 hour class, I am able to spend quality time with my game without forgetting what I am doing or not having time to fix problems and then having to start over during the next class.

This user testing was helpful, because it was with someone who understands Inform 7.  Through this testing, I was able to gain perseepctive that sometimes my directions aren't always helpful, and that there is always room for more storyline.  Such as more violence; because who doesn't want that in a text adventure game?

Play My Inform 7 Game!--Updated TITANIC Inform 7

You can take a look at my Inform 7 Portfolio's here:

There was not much time to go back to my HTML/CSS project for a second time, however, I do not see this as a big problem right now, since I am choosing to work on this project for the remainder of this semester.  I had also worked with HTML two years ago and I can say that it came so much easier while working on it for this EL405.  I know the reason for this is not only the small amounts of time we had to work during the other class, but also the book we had to use to get through.  With HTML, a step-by-step process is tedious and time-consuming with not a lot of results being shown for it by the end of a class period.  I guess this is just another benefit of being in a smaller class that is concentrated in 3 hours at a time.

With my user testing, I was able to see that the video's I had on my web page do not come up on the iPad because the iPad does not support that type of video.  This is good to know but also unfortunate, though I'm not sure if I will keep the videos on there or not.  However, the rest of the application worked, and I was able to go back and add another section that I meant to add a few weeks ago, which was already set up and ready to be posted.

You can take a look at my HTML/CSS Portfolio's here:

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