Term Project: HTML/CSS

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While working on the three different projects throughout the term in EL405, I have chosen HTML/CSS to test my abilities for the rest of this term.

My goal is to get up a website that can be treated as a resume for future employers.  I want the employers to know that this isn't some website I told someone else to make for me: It is a website that I designed and coded and maintained, so I want the website to have a feel for my personal taste's and interests but also with a professional flare.

By Thursday, I plan on having the ultimate sketch of the way I want my website to look and then specific details on what codes I will be working on to make my website look the way I want it to.

By next Tuesday I will hopefully have done the major work for the main page of my website which will include a better display of links and better organization.

I am confident that I can put links in my website and use the coding that I have used before (just more extensively).  I am not sure what I could specifically need a refresher on, but I will probably ask questions about new things that I want to accomplish that I just haven't tried before, however I won't know that until I write everything out that I plan on accomplishing.


Kiley Fischer said:

Your page already looked pretty awesome, so I'm excited to see what you do with it!

Shellie Polly said:

Megan, this is a really good idea, and I think it is something all of us should have. From what I have seen of your work you seem to have a good grasp on things and are good at finding what you are looking for in terms of coding! I know your site will look great and your employers I'm sure will be impressed!

Matt Takacs said:

Very cool! I think the hardest part would be picking what images and what color styles fit best with the content on the page. At least that's the problem I run into a lot.

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