February 12, 2004

You raise an interesting point...

And just when I thought I had my opinion set in stone (duh, when does that ever actually happen?), someone goes and raises a very interesting point...

As Jerz had us look at his weblog in class today, there was a comment in there from Sherry Sparato raised an interesting point. Jerz wrote an entry stating our American Lit class was slamming on Gatsby saying he was a horrible, rotten man, who did nothing great. Then Sherry came along and replied as the"Anonymous Coward" (lol) and said that Gatsby was actually a huge romantic who did everything in his life for Daisy and even died for her in the end so she would not be punished for what she did to Myrtle. And I realize she is right! It's the ulitmate romance! What girl wouldn't want a man that would die for her, that would give anything just to be with her? Daisy wanted desperately (probably) to be with Jay Gatsby, but the circumstances that she was in (already married to Tom) did not allow her to pursue him. Of course she is going to be attracted to him; It's not because of his house or his parties or his money, it's because he did everything for her!

I looked through the book to try to find some examples of how he did this, and I came across in Chapter five Gatsby was trying to make everything at Nick's house just right for meeting Daisy. He had the grass cut, he ordered flowers for the house, got just the right kind of tea...What obsessive stalker do you know that goes through all of this? not too many...he just loved her, plain and simple.

Posted by MeghanKite at February 12, 2004 08:02 PM
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