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07, 2006

Roberts, Chapter 18

When starting a paper the hardest thing that I find myslef having is selecting a topic and knowing am I going to be able to write a good paper on this topic and will it meet the requirements. He says to pick a particular topic and author and then compare and contrast the two types. The look at some other specific works and you might find something that influences you more. To research more about the topic go to diferent libraries and look for articles, information, books,and journals. If you feel confident about your paper, then begin setting up our biblography.

Posted by MelissaLupari at 7, 2006 05:46


Yes I agree with you that when you write a paper that the subject is hard to come up with. I think Roberts is explaining that when we are researching we may find a different path to take and still make our arguement. I did like the fact that in Roberts it says about taking notes to use in your paper. I liked that because I personally think it will help. The topic is the hard part, but I think as you research it will be easier to understand what Roberts is trying to say. However, I do agree with what you said and in the book it seems confusing.

Posted by: LisaRandolph at 8, 2006 11:02

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