Blinded By Metaphors

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"Metaphors" by Sylvia Plath really stood out to me. I really liked the imagery she used to convey the fact that the speaker was pregnant. The imagery really exaggerates the use of food throughout the poem such as melons, red fruit, and apples that illustrates that she was trying to eat healthy as well as indicate the speaker is getting larger. Line 7, "I'm a means, a stage, a cow in calf" illustrates the feeling of having a growing baby inside by indicating that a stage is set and eventually the child will come out, and the speaker will no longer be needed for that part of the process. The last line, "boarded the train there's no getting off" really clinches the point that once a person conceives a child there is no turning back. Furthermore, Plath manages to really show that the speaker has a certain fondness for the child growing inside of her by the overall tone of the poem as well as the healthy conscious food choices. Overall, I thought Plath detailed the experience of how it would feel to be pregnant by using metaphors like "an elephant, a ponderous house" (2) to insinuate that a person feels very large while carrying a child and give the reader the sense of understanding and connection by such imagery. Mostly though, I just liked her use of metaphors.


Brooke Kuehn said:

WOW! i had no idea this poem was about pregnancy; actually, i had no idea what it was about. Thank you so much for your anaylsis. it makes so much more sense now. All i saw when i read this poem was a bunch of metaphors and references to healthy food. Then i moved on to the next 2 poems and was so transfixed by them i forgot all about "Metaphors". Now i find this poem just as intriguing as the other two!

Melissa Schwenk said:

Brooke, I actually had no idea what this poem was about at first until I went back and read the part about the author where it kind of explained it had something to do with pregnancy. Whether or not my analysis is correct though, I'm not entirely sure.

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