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Here is my portfolio for the first part of Writing About Literature class.


Too Many Ideas? - This was in connection to the Chapter in Roberts and discusses why the bulleted list on page 60 were important

Someone Needed to Tie the Knot - Chapter Three of Roberts with a connection to the play "Trifles" by Susan Glaspell

A True Hero: Mrs. Hale - A closer look at the character, Mrs. Hale, from "Trifles" by Susan Glaspell

Getting Too Old For This - A perspective on Billy Collins poem On Turning Ten

A Devilish Illusion - A different and somewhat unrealistic view of "Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge" by Ambrose Bierce

A View From All Angles - Chapter Four from Roberts on checklists and different points of view

Lighting the Way - A closer examination of the light elements throughout the story "The Three Strangers" by Thomas Hardy

Flashback: You May Remember This From Before - Chapter Five from Roberts that looked at flashbacks and their effectiveness

You Mean So Much...Kinda - An interpretation of Sonnet 73 by Shakespeare

Blinded By Metaphors - A close reading of the poem "Metaphors" by Sylvia Plath



A True Hero: Mrs. Hale:

-          Here I discussed briefly why Mrs. Hale was the most important character in the play "Trifles" by Susan Glaspell.

A Devilish Illusion:

-          I took a different approach to the text of "Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge" by Ambrose Bierce and saw something that was probably a little wrong after hearing what other people said, but is still valid if you stretch your imagination. I took the story to be that his last few minutes of thought were actually a mechanism to torture him. What's more horrible than seeing your family and then being ripped away from them?

Lighting the Way:

-          I discuss the impact lighting had on the story of "The Three Strangers" and used several points to indicate that the author was intentionally doing this as a part of foreshadowing.

Blinded by Metaphors:

-          Here I look at "Metaphors" by Sylvia Plath a little closer



Am I Missing Something - Karyssa Blair

-          Karyssa talked about how taking away certain aspects of a story make it incomplete to the reader. I posted to the contrary and actually got Karyssa to change her mind that not every story does the reader need to know everything.

Stranger one, in the chimney corner, with the pipe!  - Karyssa Blair

-          I thought Karyssa's idea seemed good and how everything was a lot scarier back in 1888 when people were less likely to see the foreshadowing in the story a discussion was then forthcoming.

Plath is so damn depressing - Aja Hannah

-          Aja was trying to find the depressing part or to figure out what the poem "Metaphors" meant. I explained that the last line had a good connotation to it. Josie opposed this, but actually reevaluated the poem and agreed with it being positive later.

Daddy Issues - Josie Rush

-          Josie looked at the little parts of Plath's poem that make it even creepier and darker than just skimming the surface would. A discussion was hence forthcoming about certain aspects of the poem.



Someone Needed to Tie the Knot

Getting Too Old For This

A Devilish Illusion

Lighting the Way

Flashback: You May Remember This From Before

You Mean So Much...Kinda




 Too Many Ideas?

Someone Needed to Tie the Knot

A True Hero: Mrs. Hale

Getting Too Old For This

A Devilish Illusion

A View From All Angles

Lighting the Way

Flashback: You May Remember This From Before

You Mean So Much...Kinda

Blinded By Metaphors



Plath is so damn depressing - Aja Hannah

-          Here I posted first to Aja's question of what the last line meant. Others followed and some opinions were actually changed.

Am I Missing Something? - Karyssa Blair

-          Here I looked at something differently that led to other people following it up with different claims or seeing the topic from different perspectives.

The Type of Awe Thous Mayst in Blog Behold - Karyssa Blair

-          Here I was able to comment first about a good second person point of view that Karyssa could interact with if she wanted to see a book done in second person. Also, I brought up a discussion topic that may be a little out there in left field, but she responded to.



Lighting the Way

-          I really liked writing this entry mostly because it was an interesting claim to make that got some attention. However, No one really went against the idea even if no one else happened to see that the light was important to the foreshadowing of the story.


Very informative and well-organized. You are doing a good job of using your online work to amplify your in-class contributions (and thanks for speaking up in class, too -- every bit helps).

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