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No One Belongs Here More Than You by Miranda July is a book of short stories that Tiffany Lee-Youngren wrote a review of for the San Diego Union Tribute. Youngren starts her article out giving a little bit background information and merits of the author. From there a quote is used to bridge the gap from the author information to an explanation of the book. Although the article comes off a little harsh towards some of the techniques that July uses, ultimately the reviewer gave the book a four out of five start rating. Also, Youngren explains that the book was supposed to be about "inappropriate relationships, [people who] make inappropriate comments and find themselves in inappropriate situations almost by force of habit" (Youngren para. 3) illustrating that the point of the book was made wonderfully.

The review for this book doesn't specifically have a type of genre or category that it follows under except for possibly anyone who has felt like the odd person out or someone who doesn't always know the right things to say. Other people who may be interested in Miranda July from various other projects that she has been involved in or perhaps someone who wants to read a book that is a bit off the beaten path from normal fiction then this would be the book for them. Otherwise, there isn't a set audience for this type of book or even for people who are just looking for a book of short stories with interesting plot twists.

Youngren seems to know the book really well and has some pretty good insight into the author's background and past accomplishments. Basically the review isn't a plot summary of the book, but instead tries to entice people to read the book by pulling out quotes that would hopefully spark interest for people to go out and buy it.

Anyone interested in finding more information out on this book can go to the interesting website Miranda July created for the book here. More information about the author can be found here.


Dave said:

That's kind of interesting that your review is quite different than the one I read. I noticed that you commented on my blog, mentioning how there wasn't really any creative language in your review. (Mine had a quite a few metaphors and similies thrown about) Mine also offered a significant amount of plot summary, while yours apparently did not. I think maybe its because of the difference in types of work. It's hard to summarize parts of short stories, without giving away too much. However, the review I read was for a ridiculously long book, so the reviewer could mention stuff that happened 600 pages into it, without really giving much away.

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