Diving a Little Deeper

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"Ideas are not as obvious as characters or setting. To determine an idea, you need to consider the meaning of what you read and then to develop explanatory and comprehensive assertions. Your assertions need not be the same as those that others might make" (Roberts 121).

As you've probably noticed through most of my blogs, I tend to perceive things differently than most people, which is usually because it's more fun and interesting to not go with the norm while reading. This is especially helpful after you've read the same blog entries over and over again where the same ideas are coming up on the text we're assigned to read. Roberts explains that ideas are sometimes different than what other people might view them to be. I think ideas mainly bring out the importance of the overall theme of the story, which is sometimes difficult to pin down since most stories have more than one theme to go through. At the same time, some stories have one main theme or idea and a lot of smaller ones that do not necessarily get wrapped up in the end. Regardless, Roberts makes it a point to show the importance of ideas and how a paper can be written on them if a writer so chooses. I think not having the same view or idea of the text makes things a little more interesting. Sure there are answers that closer than others (which Jerz has been telling us throughout the semester) but some interpretations are fun to contemplate anyway.

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