Let's Talk Light Bulbs

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"Your time is so valuable so I'll be honest with you. I sell light bulbs," (193) says Lucien to Mayor Cliff. He further punctuates his speech by saying, "They're very fragile. It's the filament. Fil-a-ment" (193). Not only is Lucien a man who knows how to do business, but his speech about light was incredibly impressive. The man starts out saying how light bulbs illuminate everything, but then he swiftly turns the conversation around to include coffee tables and still have it make sense. Still, Lucien manages to make a grand point that "Talcott is full of light...You have plans and ideas. I will give them the world. All I ever do is release radiance. This is light bulbs, sir, and this is why I say I am in the light bulb business. This is light bulbs" (196). Mayor Cliff can basically do nothing, but listen to this man and take it all in. It's no wonder that Lucien ends up out in West Virginia getting the scoop on the stamp collection and presenting the town to the world.

Not only does Lucien give all of these great examples of how good his company is at presenting the material they have to work with and how everything is connected, but this mastermind also holds the List. The key to the junketeers invite to places. It took until recently for One Eye, or anyone for that matter, to figure out who was the one controlling the list. Determined to go against Lucien, One Eye develops the plan to try to get some power over Lucien and the list. Something tells me that One Eye is going to have a harder time succeeding in this than he thinks, but I can't wait to find out what happens.


Kayla Lesko said:

I just think Lucien got a degree in BSing. lol

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