Portfolio Three

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Coverage and Timeliness:

Authenticy of Mice - Part one of the Maus sections that we were to discuss. I look at how authentic the story is to the Holocaust, and how Art works hard to show the realism to a cartoon story.

Bunker Down - Part two of the Maus sections. I talk about the thoughtfulness of the bunkers Vladek and  his family built in order to hide from the enemy and how the images accurately depict the bunker.

A Ghostly Alternative - "The Masque of the Red Death" where I talk about the story possibly being about ghosts or at least told from the point where this event has happened over and over again, kind of like the people at the party's hell.

Accenting Everyone - Chapter Six of Roberts where I discuss how important the setting can be to the overall character with the example of "The Masque of the Red Death."

Finding a Life Line - Editorial that I looked at on the death penalty and how some people's veins are unable to be found and so their executions are put off for a different day because of this.

Woe and Moan - Shakespeare's "Sonnet 30" where I see the use of the words "woe" and "moan" are used over and over again to give the poem an overall looping quality.

The Puzzle - John Keats' "On First Looking into Chapman's Homer" where I look at the confusion the reader has of his poem and how necessary the footnotes are to understanding the poem. I made a parallel to the way Keats felt about the translated versions of "The Odyssey" and "The Iliad."

Identical or the Same? - Chapter Nine of Roberts where I look at metaphors and similes for revival to a story, but that overuse of them can be boring. I linked to Josie's blog for further explanation of this.

Cracking Façade - "Miss Brill" where I look at the hidden identity she has when she puts on the fur as opposed to when she doesn't have it on.

Always Have a Purpose - Chapter Eighteen of Roberts where I looked at how you sometimes go fishing for quotes for your paper, but I tend to find more information out that helps in ways I hadn't originally thought of after looking at other sources and how important this is to enhancing my paper.

Simple Questioning? - Hughes "Theme" where I look at his use of questions and subtle wording such as "I guess."

Overstatements: This is the Best Blog Ever - Chapter Eleven of Roberts where I look at overstatements and how they work in other situations other than just humorous ones.

The Road Less Traveled - The first part of John Henry Days where I looked at his trip into West Virginia and the significance of this in connection to his job.

Let's Talk Light Bulbs - The second part of John Henry Days where I looked at the power that Lucien has not only with the list, but in getting jobs from new places such as representing a town for publication.

A Statue of a Man - The third part of John Henry Days where I looked at the significance of the statue J. buys.

Eye'll Erase My Name - The last part of John Henry Days where I look at what One Eye wrote in his message to Lucien.



Authenticy of Mice

Bunker Down

A Ghostly Alternative

Finding a Life Line

Woe and Moan

The Puzzle

Cracking Façade

The Road Less Traveled

A Statue of a Man



But What Cometh Before Pride? - Josie Rush

-          Numerous people discuss pride in the story John Henry Days. I happened to dispute whether or not John Henry was all about pride with an example from the text.

Setting the Mood - Josie Rush

-          Karyssa and I help enhance Josie's theory about "The Masque of the Red Death."

The black and white, cat and mouse, Jew and German truth. - Josie Rush

-          I am the first of seven comments on this blog with a link to another holocaust book that Josie and other people may be interested in reading if they want a perspective from the German side of things.

You are What You Hear. You are What You See. - Brooke Kuehn

-          First of five comments to discuss and enhance Brooke's theory about Hughes' poem.

J. Better Come Through... - Cody Naylor

-          Aja and I speculate on the growth of J.'s character.


A Ghostly Alternative

Cracking Façade

Always Have a Purpose

Simple Questioning?

The Road Less Traveled



The black and white, cat and mouse, Jew and German truth. - Josie Rush

-          This exemplifies my ability to link to other sources, but it's not necessarily an enhancing of the text. However, I was the first to comment and further the discussion.

Denial isn't just a River, it's a State of Mind - Kayla Lesko

-          First of four people to talk about "Miss Brill" and try to explain some of the things that took place inside the story as well as speculation about the almond. I helped start the discussion for this blog.

You are What You Hear. You are What You See. - Brooke Kuehn

-          I was the first to comment on this entry and other people followed, sparking an interesting discussion about Hughes' poem.



Cracking Façade

-          I think this blog shows my ability to look at the text to come up with something interesting to say about it and make it work. Kayla also agreed with me on this after prompting for further explanation on my part. Carissa then went against the idea, where she had some good points, but we also differed slightly in some areas still.

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