Portfolio Four

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Portfolio Four:

Coverage and Timeliness:

(All of my entries were on time)

Diving a Little Deeper - Roberts' Chapter Seven. I look at how literature allows for different ways of viewing a story in order to make an academic paper or claim that you can make into an argument/thesis statement.

The Real Joke - I explain my process of going about doing my class presentation for Chekhov's, "The Bear." I explain what I think is the funniest part of the story and explain my outside source a little bit and how it applies to the story. I think this entry shows my close reading skills and ability to apply an article to a work of literature.

Stormy Night - My entry for Browning's, "Porphyria's Lover." I look at the foreshadowing that the very first few lines convey and examine what the overall effect is on what takes place further along in the poem.

Easy To Say? - Roberts' Chapter Thirteen. I look at how some words are easier to pronounce versus other ones and explain how they have a different meaning and understanding when read aloud.

Just Words? - Chace's "The Decline of the English Department." I explain that if someone who is already in the English field feels like there isn't that much more English majors can do to get the numbers back for students going into the English department than perhaps they're in the wrong line of career, and how I'm not really about the money, but more about wanting to write for other reasons.

Think Again, Scrooge - First part of Dickens' A Christmas Carol. I look at how I always looked at Scrooge as someone who was not always someone that I sympathized with, but after reading the actual book, I understand how I can understand why he would want to keep his money.

One Night or Two? - The Ending of Dickens' A Christmas Carol. I look closely at Dickens reasoning behind having the ghosts come in two nights only to have them all come in one night. I try to figure out why this might be.

Not Always Necessary? - I look at Roberts' Chapters Ten and Sixteen, where I examine whether or not it's always necessary to look too closely for symbols or even if you absolutely need to always have the cultural or historical references to a story in order to properly understand it.


The Real Joke - I, obviously, had to look for outside sources for my presentation, but I do explain their connection between the outside source and the text.

Stormy Night - I draw on an outside source (the novel Paul Clifford by Edward Bulwer Lytton) and compare it to the text.

One Night or Two? - I think I tried to determine what the underlining message was that Dickens was trying to get across by how important Christmas is to Scrooge between one night versus the ghosts coming in two nights.

Not Always Necessary? - I bring both chapter ten and sixteen together and really examine how much analyzing is necessary the first time you read a work or how much influence you should allow while reading that may hamper your opinion of the text.


Universality Saves the Day - Brooke Kuehn

-          Here I discuss with Brooke about how whether or not an author intended for a symbol to represent something in an author's work, and how it's not necessarily about what the author intended as much as it is for what the reader finds or interprets.

How Much Food Does One Ghost Need? - Karyssa Blair

-          Josie and I attempt to puzzle over Karyssa's blog entry about whether or not the second ghost in A Christmas Carol, and what this might represent for Dickens and the overall meaning of the work.

Where I've Been - Jessica Orlowski

-          Jess, Karyssa, and I discuss the decline in the English department and how Chace seems to already be calling it quits without even trying.

Hoorah for Short Hair - Josie Rush

-          I respectively try to explain the foreshadowing of the poem and how it started the tone throughout the rest of the poem.


Stormy Night - Gladys and Karyssa give their own opinions on the foreshadowing in Browning's poem. Gladys and I try to figure out what the purpose of the poem was. Karyssa links me to her blog and presentation blog on the poem to help us further expand our knowledge.

Just Words? - Carissa, Jessica Orlowski, Gladys, and I talk about the decline in the English department and what careers we hope to go into to reach our ultimate goals.

Think Again, Scrooge - Josie expands my ideas on how Scrooge isn't really about hoarding money, and isn't really trying to steal Christmas away from other people, but he just allows it to continue.


Not Always Necessary? - I mention Karyssa's blog in my entry.

How Much Food Does One Ghost Need? - Karyssa Blair

-          I was the second to comment on Karyssa's blog, but it developed a conversation and further established some ideas that Josie had.

Where I've Been - Jessica Orlowski

-          I was the first one to comment on this blog entry, and it sparked a comment from Karyssa who expands upon why English majors are important for saving the world.

Hoorah for Short Hair - Josie Rush

-          I was the first one to comment on this blog, and Gladys followed up agreeing with my entry.


One Night or Two? - I look at Dickens' reasoning behind the one night or two between the ghosts and Christmas' meaning. I think that this shows my skills at close reading and could enhance an argument for a paper about how Scrooge probably wouldn't have changed nearly as much if the story would not have been set during Christmas.  

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