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November 16, 2005

Two Thousand Miles for a Five-Minute Speech

I thought that this was a very interesting piece of writing. I was surprised to read that was a fairly positive writing. I thought that it was going to talk about the troubles in his life an dhow he was so poorly mistreated. But, it wasnt like that at all. Not saying that he didnt talk about it, but he looked beyond that to talk about the fortunate things that he had in his life. He was a very respected man both respected by the whites and the blacks. His most important speech was that to congress and not the one that he was talking about in the end, according to him. Although, he was respected by both he seemed to have critics from both sides. Obviously, he was going ot have critics from the whites but there were blacks that were kind of cynical because they wanted to know what he was going to say and kind of wanted to make sure blacks kind of did take control, if that makes sense. I never knew that blacks, whites, women, and men were allowed to be together like they were presented in this era. I've always heard such terrible things about this era but it was cool to read about somethign that was good, because although bad times had been endured good times were coming.

Posted by MeredithBenson at November 16, 2005 3:56 PM