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November 13, 2005

Blogging Portfolio 2

Although, I did go through a period of time where my blogging and commenting wasn't as indepth, numerous, and timely as I wanted it to be I do think that my blogging has improved since that beginning of the year. I also try to look for interesting pieces in the literary works we are reading that not everyone notices or sees, sometimes I find interesting things and sometimes not.

Coverage - For my coverage blogs i thought there were a few that I could put under this one. The ones that particulary like are:

The Raven Uncle Remus and Walden .

Depth - After reading Uncle Remus I had immediately noticed the different layers the author used to tell the story. This link helped guide and further my thinking in the layers of the story.

Interaction - I was particulary fascinated with the Raven by Poe. I loved interacting with people and their blogs. The Raven blog by Jay Pugh, which even got me some feedback on my own blogs. Yes, it is true I got some comments.

Discussions - For the blogs underneath the discussion point I once again like The Ravenand also recently Uncle Remus . Apparently, those two were the only ones people liked. I did comment back on Uncle Remus on my site but for the Raven I went to others sites and commented on what they said on my site.

Timeliness - As I mentioned earlier I did have a little streak of a lack of blogging. Well, i blogged for everything but not necessarily in a timely manner. But, I did blog in a timely manner for the majority of my blogs. For instance, In a library, taste of Liquor, Silence, Epigram for Wall Street, The Raven, Walden, were some of the ones I did in a very timely manner.

Xenoblogging - I felt that for xenoblogging that I commented on a lot of people's blogs but i couldnt find many of them. One of them though comes from Ian's blog. I didnt get to actually start many people's blogging cmoments off but i did get invloved in the discussions.

Wild Card - Under my wild card entry I kind of had a hard time choosing which one I wanted to use. But, in the end i decided to go with Walden.

Posted by MeredithBenson at November 13, 2005 6:18 PM