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December 06, 2005

Girl of the Golden West, or East, or South, or North...

Belasco, Girl of the Golden West (1905) -- American Literature, 1800-1915 (EL 266)

"The caballero's face flushed with pleasure at her free-and-easy reception of him, while an almost inaudible "Gracias" fell from his lips. At once he knew that his first surmise, that the Girl was an American, had been correct. Not that his experience in life had furnished him with any parallel, for the Girl constituted a new and unique type. But he was well aware that no Spanish lady would have received the advances of a stranger in like fashion."

While reading this play, I came across these words and lost it. I LOVED the way you can see the bull fighter, so smooth and coy, blush! I love it! He is completely over come by the beauty and magnificence the Girl and wanted to be hers. I also was caught by the format of this text. I ended up reading an online version here, so it may be different, but all of the Spanish words were italicized in it.

As an additional side note, my mom figured out that if she Googles me, she can find my blogs. I may be limiting my bizarre comments, so she doesn't make fun of my lack of intelligence...love ya, mom! :)

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