March 13, 2005

spring break and yummy food...

foody, yummy, tummy, and DALI...

...while a typical college student, who had money, would immediately pack his suitcase for the sunny southern States, I went back home in Philadelphia, where the weather undulated from old man's winter one day to soothing spring of Ceres the next day. From Friday, March 4 to Saturday, March 12, I spent spring break in Philly with friends and family.

Most college students were basking under the sun, with their toned bodies and killer wash-board abs glistening and glowing with a healthy tan, I was enjoying the food of Philly, stuffing myself silly and moderately of course so not to make my belly like a washer full of loads.

Spring break for me started out with a high and a blast, and as the days progressed it got better and better. I got a ride from my friend Neha. We had a fun mini road trip. She dropped me in Philly on her way to Connecticut. The ride was only 5 hours but it didn't feel like it. It went faster especially while singing "This is the highway that never ends." We stopped to eat for lunch and this was where my week of great food started. I ordered a Burger King Whooper and a Starbuck's White Chocolate hot drink.

The next day, on Saturday after returning from the library, I had an Elios' Pizza, the best ready-made pizza ever.

On Sunday, to celebrate a friend of the family's birthday, we went to Olive Garden. I couldn't decide so I ordered the Tour of Italy. In one plate, there were lasagna, Alfredo Pasta and Parmisan Chicken. To top this, I had an Italian Vanilla creme soda. Later on after dinner, my friends: Lauren Elise Therese McMonigle Kadel (letmk), Jessica Elizabeth "Benett" Nelson (jebn), and Ashley Romano (ar) invited me to Vinny T's. Since I ate dinner already, I just got desserts. I had this very delicious homemade Canoli; it was just perfect, the creme wasn't too sweet and the wafer complemented it with its crispy texture and sprinkled chocolate chips. I shared this "Italian Ice-cream" with Jessie. This Italian Ice-cream was a combination of flavors: Vanilla Rum, Chocolate, Strawberry, and Pistacchio with candied nuts and dried fruits topped with strawberry sauce.

On Monday, I just ate homemade Spaghetti and Lumpia (shanghai eggrolls) and when I met up with my friends: letmk, jebn, and ar in Starbucks, I got a small Caramel Frapuccino (Note- the best size to get in Starbucks is Small, not Grande or Venti because the flavor is just right - not too sweet or bland).

On Wednesday, I went to dinner with my friends letmk, jebn, Kevin Hughes, Mary Ellen McMonigle PhD, and Aunt Margy McMonigle. We went to Shanachies near Ambler PA. I got this new celtic dish. It was a dish with an Atlantic Grilled Salmon with Mango Pineapple chutney served with sidedishes of Garlic fries and fried onions. For dessert, I ate homemade cheesecake, and I tasted a bit of Creme Brulee and this Walnut Chocolate fruitcake-esque dessert from my friends. This was all being digested while I listened to irish folksongs being sung lived.

Indulging my appetite and taste buds wasn't the only thing I did. Thursday was a day of the Arts. In the afternoon, I went to the Philadelphia Museum of Art to see the Dali exhibit. It was so great. I had to pay $17 (Student) but it was worth it. At first I thought 17 dollars was a lot for a few works, but the exhibit showcased a lot of Dali's work. In fact, I spent at least half of my museum time
in the Dali exhibit alone. Originally I didn't like Dali. I thought he was a snotty artist who exploited the arts for money. I learned that he was spanish, born in May 11 (taurus), he was the forefather of pop art (before Warhol ---> not as good as Dali), had art training and background with the classical, experimented with Pointilism, Impressionism, symbolism, explored the Fruedian theories, reacted to Spanish civil war, World War II, contemporary of 20th Century Modern Artist, was a sceptic about the church/God and later on started to have relationship with God (became "religious"), obsessed with the painting "The Angelus", Mae West's Lips, worked with Walt Disney in a motion film entitled "destino" (which they showed also, and I watched it), very imaginative and 'tormented", friends with Picasso, liked the goddess Venus, and Venus De Milo, experiemented with "nuclear art", holograms, etc, in a nutshell, he is more than what appears, don't let his "lobster-back phones" and curly mustache and other eccentricities deter you away from him. He's an awesome and prolific artist and human being.

Later at night, I watched a play with a friend: MaKristine in her high school. We saw The Sound of Music. This play wasn't a high school play, it was more like a grade school play. The saving grace for this play were the lead singer who played Maria, and the older gentleman, probably the director of the play, who acted as the Nazi General. What went wrong in this play... overacting-- too expressive, a lot of arms swaying, too ""expositiony" rather than facing the other actors while they were talking to each other, they faced the audience, most of the actors butchered Rodgers and Hammerstein's music--there were points when the actors didn't sing at all, they just shouted, they were flat, or too sharp, the transitions from one scene to the next were awkward. The stage was too big for the set. They should have made the stage smaller by either using the curtains more or using lthe lights effectively (there was one scene where the set succeeded, it was a wedding scene and the chapel stained-glass window was cool). Last but not least, some of the scenes were ruined because the actors were "rushing," for example, when Maria and Georg were dancing the traditional Austrian folk dance, the rushings movements did not render the dance graceful and romantic, when Maria and Georg kissed, their kiss didn't show passion (it wasn't convincing, it was more like two shy teenagers kissing hesitantly in a party playing spin the bottle), after the Nazis left the garden, immediately the nuns showed up and within a negative second, the Von Trapp family were off in the mountains (there were more rushing scenes but these stuck in my head), on the good side, the show ended on time, and hopefully they would learn from their mistakes, i still give them kudos for attempting such a large project, and I understand the limited sources they had to work with (inner city catholic high school funds).

On my last full day in Philly, I returned the library books and dvds I borrowed. I also met my friend: letmk in Starbucks. I had a Chantico (this is the latest concoction of starbucks). Chantico, as a sage described, was chocolate on steriods. If you were ever to see an ad. for this, it would describe the Chocolateness of Chantico.

I arrived back in SHU last night, Saturday, March 12, at 9:30 pm, I did laundry and I "feng-shuied" my room. Now, it feels and looks a lot bigger. I guessed my old and narrow room couldn't hold the huge appetite I aqcuired over the break. Ah changes, yummy!

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