March 24, 2005

A "Dante-esque" Road trip

We left SHU at 1 p.m. in the afternoon, the biggest problem we thought we were going to have was finding a place to meet my uncle. BOY WERE WE WRONG!

It was a very cloudy day. I thought it was just one of those March days ushering early April showers. The pitter-pattering of rain gathered into puddles, and in spite of gloom trickling slowly into a storm, the thought of "singin in the rain" was tip-toe tapping in my head.

We were passing through rolling brown meadows, where remnants of snow dotted the fields like pepper on mash potatoes. We imagined the light green buds, which would soon burgeon, draped the skeletal reddish-brown trees in sprightly spring suits. The wind shield wipers swayed staccato-style as water swirled off to the side painting a Van Gaugh landscape.

Everything was fine, and then I saw inky black clouds looming over the mountains. Rain turned into ice, then ice to snow, then snow to really big blossoming snowflakes of bitter blue Winter. He blew his last breathe (hopefullY), exhaling enmities for hours.

Our oxen-metallic chariot rammed through his slippery stooges and biting bootlickers. He was expiring slowly. He became desperate. With his last breathe, his stooges successfully "jack-knifed" a doubled-length dragon: the dragon that accompanied him to Hades.

The river flow had stopped to mourn the loss of such a magnificent creature. For five centuries, we trudged, inch by inch trying to escape the misery. I prayed and sang to the beat of my head banging against the cushioned head rest. We finally got through and saw the onslaught of odious Old Man Winter.

Crucified rusty horses stood like lawn ornaments. Dead donkey carts were flipped over by the way side. Shrines of snowmen were erected throughout, reminding us of his cruelty.

One hour had passed the new day at Midnight of the sixth century. We found solace in God. Ensconsed in his eternal care, we rested on the seventh day.

Posted by Michael Diezmos at March 24, 2005 11:32 AM

Wow. Sounds like one heck of a trip--to Connecticut?

Posted by: Amanda at March 26, 2005 1:44 PM

yeah, and this account was just the poetic/lyrical version, later on, I 'll blog a more naturalistic version...

Posted by: Mike at March 27, 2005 10:33 AM
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