March 29, 2005

5 hours stuck in traffic

in the middle of the night, while snow builds up in slushies, gas trickles to the point of nothingness, patience running empty, truck lights glaring with a threat to run over you inside your car...what do you do?


during these five hours I had time to reflect, i guess the "past" caught up with me...all throughout lent, I hadn't actually gave time for I reflected who Jesus was, my relationship with him and God...

My faith(meaning)/religious philosophy, et cetera et cetera, et cetera was defined:

"At one-ment" rather than "atonement"(Jesus accomplished our salvation as result there's a choice between heaven, hell or purgatory
At one-ment, I understood this as God having foreknowledge not predestined, God is loving, he just wants to be reunited with his creation..."so one way or another he's going to get ya!" In my theology class, my classmate argued the paradox found in this---concerning freewill--- having choices...if God knows, does that mean we don't have choices, how can we have choices if no matter what we do, we'll end up with God (what if we don't want to?), my fellow traveller argued that freewill was man's own construction so it was not God' whether freewill's artificial or not it's in man to know without being bounded...

A bit of Boethius
here's an analogy that helped me to understand:
God is an Artist, an artist plans to paint, first he picks a subject, plans its composition, chooses color schemes, etc., draws a sketchy "impression", then paints it, along the ways he mixes the colors on the canvas rather than applying a pre-made paint, the way he mixes the colors may differ each time whether he added too much tint or tone or totally in balance....maybe later, he decided to change medium...basically the subject was chosen but the end product differed depending on circumstances and choices made along the way--->this showed foreknowledge and at the same time "choices"...
the other part is "man seeks good, happiness is good, God is good, therefore as man seeks good, he finds happiness in God...

the big bang theory as explained to me by Mr. Black
in God's constant quest to know everything (because being omniscient is God's nature), he exploded and became universe and everything in it--->this is why it is justifiable to say that God is in Nature and in all of being with us, he get's a chance to see what life is like being a SHU student who is either a she or a he,, he knows what's it like to be a tree striked by lightning or the lightning striking a tree, he knows what it's like to be born, to die, to be murder, to sing, to dance, to sleep, to dream, to be happy, to be sad, to be depressed, to commit suicide, to be the revolving planet, the moon, the sun center of universe etc. etc.
Since God chose somehow "scattered himself" in the end, he would want to be united with himself sort of like to gather himself and collect the data sort of like a satellite that circles a planet for several years and returns back to earth so the humans could see the "picture"

Nature (Nothing is accident ---> too detailed and specific to be happenstance)
i don't think human existance is meaningless, i don't think it's an accident either, if one were to look at nature (the balance) the intricacy of plant life and ecosystems, the human body with everything playing a part etc. etc. etc., it's just way too much to be a "splatter"...chose to find meaning...

Man's nature to create (part of design)
From the above, it is evident that man is made in the image of God, it is in our nature to reflect our creator...we achieve this by choosing to create/procreate and to want to know...

Life's a mystery...maybe this is our human side and purpose to try to know (because it's in our divine nature like God trying to figure it out), i'll try to figure out myself, my dreams my faith my meaning, my family and friends (relationships/connections), my purpose before I try to figure out life beyond or maybe just to think is life beyond this world...

Posted by Michael Diezmos at March 29, 2005 2:23 PM
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