October 7, 2005

Morgan Spurlock Lecture

Laughing with Morgan Spurlock

Morgan Spurlock performed for Seton Hill University's (SHU) students, faculty and the Greensburg community on Thursday October 6 in Cecilian Hall for SHU's 2005 Lecture Series.

The purpose of the lecture series according to Daniel Bernstein professor of Hospitality Management was not just to entertain but also to educate the students, faculty and community.

Professor of Communication and Education Frank Klapak introduced Spurlock. "Who is Morgan Spurlock?....He is an intellectual jackass who stimulate us to think about corporate America," he said.

Spurlock produced, directed and starred in Super Size Me, a documentary studying the effects of a 30-day "McDonald's Only" diet.

"I was intrigued at someone who'd go to such great lengths to make a point about serious issues in our country," said Mary Ross Cox member of the lecture committee.

Throughtout the night, Spurlock used a humorous tone to convey his message. To some, his language usage was offensive.

"I was highly insulted by his language," said June K Campbell class of 1952. "I was going to buy his book at the end but I changed my mind, I won't give him a penny," she said.

Others did not mind Spurlock's language. "The language didn't bother me. I took it with a sense of humor and in the spirit of the evening," said Wilda Kaylor coordinator of the National Catholic Center for Holocaust Education.

According to Campbell a Catholic College such as Seton Hill should not have speakers like him [Spurlock].

Graduate student Jen Palmer disagreed, "This is a liberal and open-minded school, his language was very real."

In between comments about his movie, he parodied people in his life.

"It [the lecture] was very funny," said Palmer. "I'm glad that they brought him here [SHU]," she said.

"It's great that you don't have to beat people over the head with graphs and figures to make a point," said Kaylor.

Class of 1998 Judi Fuchs said, "I'm happy about the facts he talked about." She said, "His message of fighting for your belief was inspiring."

Spurlock stressed about personal responsibility and being conscientious consumers. "You can do anything...find the one thing you believe in the most and fight for it," he said.

Shirley Ovitsky class 0f 1950 agreed, "You're never to old to learn."

Posted by Michael Diezmos at October 7, 2005 2:28 AM

"I was intrigued at someone who'd go to such great lengths to make a point about serious issues in our country," said Mary Ross Cox member of the lecture committee.

Very true, and an excellent quote, Mike. He said that we can make a difference, even one person can change the outlook on large issues. I think Spurlock proves this by the "changes" McDonalds has made AFTER his documentary. He's really opened our eyes, and closed our mouths. =D

Also, the quote about not using graphs to make a point was very powerful. I think we rely too much on boring statistics rather than common sense. People need to UNDERSTAND what is presented to them rather than be merely CONVINCED.

Great article, darlin!

Posted by: stormy at October 7, 2005 9:00 AM

thank Stormy, it looks like you had fun also!

Posted by: mike D. at October 7, 2005 8:48 PM

Great quotes & references--I'm too afraid to approach a lot of people. Good for you!!

Posted by: Katie :ambert at October 9, 2005 11:18 AM
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