October 21, 2006

Making cotton candy

last night in Night on the Haunted Hill, I was in charged of the cotton candy machine. This was the first time I've ever made cotton candy and it was a fun and hilarious experience.

The directions are "simple." Place sugar (for candy floss) in the center circular whole of the machine, turn it on and wait for the magic to begin. Depending on the amount of sugar you place, the faster the results will be if not it will take a while before weblike strings appear on the rim.

I was instructed to rotate the paper stick (which will gather the cotton candy) as I move my arm in counterclockwise (two rotation- sort of like the revolving earth spinning on its axis while circling the sun).

Being a little bit tall or lowering the cotton candy machine would have help to gather the candy floss. The tip a fellow gave me was to spin as close to the rim but not too close to the base of the bowl-like struture (if you do, you'll get sprinkles of sugar "gunks"- rock-like bits of sugar- on your cotton candy).

Making cotton candy looks easy but it's not. The whir of the machine, heating up the sugar, (smell of caramel) also heat stretching the sugar into threads, some flying away, a sugar wisp. It wraps around your arm- dry at first like wool then melts because of your body heat- sugar wisp landing on the floor masking it with stickiness...

The first cotton candies I made didn't have fluffly cumulus-look to them. Mine looked like a beehive hair-do, however by the end of the night, it was getting rounder...

A SHU staff who works in Student Accounts commented that I can now work in a Carnival.

If all else fails with my English degree, I may consider this. Who can ever refuse corn dogs and cartwheeling clowns? Plus you get to travel around different places! :)

Posted by Michael Diezmos at October 21, 2006 2:29 PM

Who are you and why are you calling my aunts your aunts? I do not have a cousin named Michael D and they do not have a nephew named Michael D. I googled Mary Ellen and this came up. Thanks in advance for explanation.

Posted by: Kathy Crisfulla at December 4, 2006 1:53 PM
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