July 12, 2008

asking for help totally failed

the silver lining and the bright side... one story is better than no story...

Posted by Michael Diezmos at July 12, 2008 1:09 AM

Mike, I know that I didn't respond because I didn't think I had any worthwhile stories from when I was 10. I and a friend used to make up stories about visiting Mars and so forth, and I remember pretending to have bionic parts (as in The Six Million Dollar Man), but I didn't post those stories because I didn't think those were what you wanted. Maybe if we were speaking one-on-one and you could guide my thoughts and memories, I'd be able to come up with a story that interested you. My wife has a creepy summer-camp-style story about a failed abortion, something that she would have heard when she was around 10 or 11 in the late 70s, and I mentioned that you were collecting stories a few days ago. She seemed willing to share it with you, but she's posted exactly one comment that I know of on a blog in her life, so I'd probably have to sit her down and make her type it.

Posted by: Dennis G. Jerz at July 12, 2008 8:42 AM

Hello Dr. Jerz,

I know what I'm asking is vague...it's okay, because it's only the preliminary part... what you had in mind (about telling each other Marsian stories) and what your wife was thinking about are going in the right direction...

i think at this point, the only guidelines I could give are: 10 years old and MEMORABLE so if the marsian and abortion stories are memorable for you and your wife when you were ten, then that's good.

With your summary plus a mention of your wife's story and my friend's school story, already I'm getting ideas... obviously I still don't have a consensus- a clear direction, but it's a start...I need more in order to see some sort of pattern...

thanks always,

Posted by: Registered User at July 13, 2008 11:27 AM

memories from childhood are strange. it's easy to explain what happened when you were ten, it's difficult to recount what was said at that time, even if those stories influenced what you did or witnessed. a lot of what one talks about pertains too much to the person's life to be considered a memorable story, even if it's subjectively memorable, like the 3 a.m. ramblings of ten year olds at slumber parties.

may i take issue with the totality of your failure?

that's exactly how i felt telling that story-one story is better than no story. i was just happy to finally think of anything to finish my assignment.

Posted by: letmk at July 18, 2008 9:27 PM
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