July 13, 2008


eclectic delicacy

if you ever get a chance, go try Cottage cheese and marshmallows- they have the same color but eating them together and depending which one you chew first, it has one of those before and after sort of taste

evils of CRACK

one day you can be flying through life, getting by, life is sunny as you cruise, feeling the breeze that ruffles your silky hair and then you encounter CRACK and it brings you down, your life comes crashing down, you fall, drama of scraped knees and palms... dirty, no matter how hard you fall, you must get up and pick up your life again... OH I'm talking about sidewalk cracks, most likely the other crack (the drug) can be dangerous too...

journey to Spaghetti Land

next time I'll only use half a pound of ground beef... cooking the ground beef was interesting...first I tried frying it but I got intimidated so I just boiled it to completely cook it... I used the Newman Sweet Onion and Garlic tomatoe sauce...I added some fresh onions, garlic powder... to make it watery, added ketchup... to make it 'a la Philippines'- I placed two sugar cubes and when I served it, a hint of cinnamon... weird? i didn't screw up the pasta- it boiled well, it wasn't clumpy or lumpy!

the journey was messy, but the destination was delicious (satisfaction)

Mexican Jello

easy to make- add four cups of milk to gelatin mix and refrigerate.... similar to Philippine Jello during fiestas... Coconut flavor! Yummy!

Get Smart (the movie)

-overall good, better than the Love Guru, more jokes not revealed in the commercial...Steve Carrell humor is definitely present...

Story collecting

could be better but I'll deal with whatever I have... I have to read back issues of Children's Folklore Review to jump start my research paper... I met up with my storytelling professor to talk about my duties as one of her TAs...


I'm having a good time teaching this summer... the students so far are showing more dedication in comparison to students who took Eng. 1010 in the fall and spring semesters... and because I'm crazy, I decided to give 2 of my thai friends a crash course on effective writing (using prnciples in the Eng 1010 curriculum) in 13 days [something is better than nothing]...

End of Summer semester

the next 2 weeks will be insane- 2 more major assignments to grade, student conference and presentation... then I need to prepare for my intense one week seminar in Memoir Writing...

Posted by Michael Diezmos at July 13, 2008 11:28 AM

Next time you make spaghetti sauce, try adding a hershey kiss. The chocolate adds a nice touch. Let me know what you think. :)

Posted by: moira at July 13, 2008 7:51 PM

thanks, I'll try that...

Posted by: Registered User at July 15, 2008 8:53 PM
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