April 29, 2004


I'm just sad that all I hear about is sports. There's nothing wrong with participating in sports, BUT when it becomes a WAY of living or its own philsophy then it becomes rigid, narrow-minded, insular and pointless: If everything is sports then sports is nothing.

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April 24, 2004


"Brevity of Soul..."

I forgot where this was said in the movie/or in the book, but I think it was whenVivian was talking to her Professor (it was a flashback). First, before I watched the movie, I read the summary in the back of the book. After reading it I found it depressing even though it said that it was going to have humor and "wit". I questioned how Margaret Edson was going to do this.
Then I watched the movie, and I liked how the narrator was talking directly to me (and the audience). I thought it was in this style to make it adapt to the movie theaters, but when I read the book, I found out that it was the same way. I think the conversation style used by Edson made the story more powerful. It's almost like a personal intimate conversation between you and Vivian, and she's sharing her experience to you only.
Karissa brought out a good point about Vivian's former student, I too questioned her relationship with him. I sort of see a parallel between him and Vivian. Vivian even supported this in the book, when she said how ironic both her and him preferred academics over people, as she realized there's more to life than scholarly work.
As I commented inAmanda's blog, the most poignant scene was when Vivian's nurse answered her question about the meaning of the word soporific, and the nurse said something like I don't know but it'll make you sleepy.
Now it made sense why in EL150, we had to read John Donne's poem, the movie/book did a great job emphazising "Death coma though shalt die!" (Not sure if its a period or an exclamation point).
Another interseting factoid that caught my attention was when, in the Flashback, Vivian's students trying to figure out John Donne.
Also, the Nurse, always stressed the fact that she never took a course in poetry class and since she didn't, she thought that she didn't know anything about poetry; when in fact it seems that she was the kindest and most humane to Vivian in comparison to most of the robotic staff and doctors in the hospital. Her outlook of life is so simple not like Donne's 'complexe metaphysical poetry', and it seems that she still knows more about life in general.

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It's elementary my dear...

Research Papers, that's all I have to say...

My adventure for researching my topic for EL 150 has been very interesting and long. My first blob of a thesis was about Nell from the Diamond Age and Nell Trent from Dicken's The Old Curiosity Shop. It was hard to find info on this one because this was the least famous work of Charles Dickens. I ended up changing my thesis and incorporating my art philosophy background instead and apply Plato and Aristotle in the Arts and societies of The Diamond Age as seen through Nell's experience with the Primer, the Ractives (especially pornographic ones, reflective of the deplorable towns in which it it located in), the Drummers Society, and Dramatis Personae. As of right now, I've located all of my sources, read through them, and took notes on them. Today I'm going to start writing and analyzing. For me doing research papers are so draining. After reading it, trying to comprehend it, absorbing the information and then making it applicable...it almost feels like this is the only thing in my life, I get suck into it due to a black hole effect...

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Deep Impact

How my English major affected my other courses...

My English major has been very helpful to me. It helped me explore the different types of writing out there (Journalism, Creative Writing, Plays, Literature etc.). It also helped me to develop a better organizational skill and also in researching papers. It is helping me to look at things from different perspectives/ helping me to be more critical and analytical. It is helping me to communicate more clearly. It is definitely helpful in my writing.

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April 22, 2004

Blue sky shining at me, nothing...

Should I go on with my education...

I'm not really sure if the education program is for me or not. My pro and con arguments follow:

Pro- Education
*Exposure to other theories/subject tantamounting to being "well-rounded" (Educational perspective mostly)
*Good background for Children's Literature
*JOb opportunities (always looking for qualified teachers)

COn- Education
*"Tediousness" in lesson plans
*Restriction of other interesting courses to take
*Swamped and tight schedule for the next four years (Intimidation)
*Uncertainty of future career

I've talked with several people (teachers, advisors, friends, career counselor, parents). Most said, I should think about it over time, some hoped that education would work for me (because they see that I could be a good teacher), the career counselor brought up the point of 'interest'. I need more inputs. What do you think? Please share your own experiences and wisdom (Teachers, students in and or was in the education program, all who experience a dichotomy of interest in future careers are especially encouraged to share their views) Thanks!

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April 21, 2004

Do school officials (the ones that makes the major decisions) really listen?

I was just thinking (surprising isn't it), do students' voices/concerns/opinions really get heard? I've attended a lunch with the board of trustees and a meeting with the "master planning", and it seems that the same issues have been raised over and over again and either the problem is still there or a complete "volte face" of the situation(unwanted results) is answered instead. I'm beginning to wander if these meetings are just ploys to say that students' voices/concerns/opinions are heard. Hhmmm?

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April 18, 2004

The Rocky Horror Picture Show

What a Show!Pelvic Thrust!

Today I saw the classic midnight showing of The rocky horror picture show. It was 'extra' hilarious because of the live cast. Wow all I could say, they definitely have guts. On the superficial side, one may watch this musical with question marks, what in the beep are they doing or what's the point? Oh there's a point all right, you'll see it at the end. On the broader and profound side the musical showcased the "alienation" of those who do not fit the 'social mores' of a 'patriarchal society". Well that's just a thought or two...oh ooo...brain...stop...thinikingiy...

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April 17, 2004

Ayn Rand's The Fountainhead

Two weeks ago I started reading The Fountainhead by Ayn Rand, it was recommended by a friend. He said that it had...

He said that it had a lot of philosophical stuff in it so I started reading it. I'm only in Chapter 7 right now, I'm a slow reader, and so far I've noticed two opposing ideas in the story:the practical versus the 'ideal'/business versus Art. I find it interesting to read about the characters engendering these 'values'. Well I'm going to continue reading this and I'll comment some more about my progress and the development of the characters. Share some comments if you have some thanks!

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April 16, 2004

The Diamond Age

I finally finished The Diamond AGe, but I was a bit disappointed at the ending...

The reason why I feel disappointed at the Ending of The Daimond Age is because I felt that it was curt and so sudden. There would be passages of many pages about Nell's friend's story and the conclusion is not even as elaborated as these. I mean one could infer what is going to happen base on Nell's adventure but it would still be nice to have a closing. Maybe there's a sequal coming (Bum, bum bum,,,,).

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April 5, 2004


Is the continuation of Racism due to white people trying to suppress blacks and minorities or is it due to blacks and minorities' usage of color as an excuse for all the things gone wrong in their life or both? If not, what?

What do you think?

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April 3, 2004

You are getting sleep....

look into the blue light, Spikey! You're eye lids are getting heavier, you just want to close them and it's okay if not count to five...take deep breathes...

today i went to see another hypnotist show, but this time I had the bravado to volunteer. Last time, I remember the guy saying that to be in a state of deep sleep, one must be not thinking about being hypnotize and just relax. I was half and half, I wanted to relax, but I couldn't helping thinking about the audience. Eventually I got pulled out. 'Intermmitently' during the show, my eyes just wanted to relax and close it, but everytime I would reach level 1 of deep sleep, I would be brought back to a state of consciousness. Finally it got to my favorite part : the part of constructive suggestionings. I had to imagine what I wanted in life in order to be successful. Things popped out of my head:black blazer, spiked hair, trophy (human shape), child's hand flipping a fantastic book (accompanied by an adult), flipping...

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