May 26, 2004

Playing Tricks

In my Art class, while we were looking at our drawn cube, my teacher was explaining the importance of stressing and darkening the vertical line closest to our view. He warned us...

He warned us that if we didn't, the cube would appear as if it's "flipping", and turning inside out. I did not understand what he meant, but after a week's worth of Art classes (atleast 18 hours spent drawing lines, cubes, boxes, invisible rectangles and more), I started to see what he was talking about.

It was a weird moment. I was sitting there, listening to my teacher's constructive criticism of my classmate's work, and the 3-d box, started flipping. I thought to myself: "I think I'm spending way too much time drawing these boxes." My hands started almost to shake at the thought of drawing more vertical and horizontal lines.

So far in my Drawing I class, I drew two pages of vertical, horizontal and multiple lines, atleast four invisible rectangles (rising exponentially), four boxes (rising also), five cubes (rising), and two tables. I think tomorrow we will begin with chairs.

My teacher advised that we draw what we see not what we know. I'm not really sure how this fits in or goes against the notion of "thingness." The cliche: "A Chair is a chair for its chairness." I'll ponder it some more.

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May 25, 2004


"Isn't this the best part of [waking] up, finding someone else...who wants to be with you." ~Liz Phair

She is down to earth. People are green of envy over her not so callow but burgeoning demeanour. Her youthful heart dances tenderly like her swaying arms. You might be wondering who this is...well she is no other than Edele WVeiss, a close friend of mine.

Edele WVeiss coincidentally shares a name with the song "Edelweiss". It is as if the song was written especially for her, almost like her own biography.

In the song "every morning [Edelweiss] greet[s] me." She is very staunched at this almost like a stalker (but not really). As soon as I opened my eyes, there she was, in the corner of my room, behind an orange parasol.

She stood there, with her "small" stature, ashen "white" (from lack of sunlight I guess) but "clean and bright". Her love glowed with warmth. She "looked happy to meet me."

I feel very lucky. Like a pin "lost among snow", I feel small like dust in this huge world. Yet I "bloom and grow" with her 'eternal' blessing. A patriotic love and allegiance that will last "forever".

Edele WVeiss, Edelweiss, Edel'v'eiss, my dear, my verdant bamboo plants.

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May 24, 2004

"You're not supposed to know"

"You're not supposed to know", Alias season finale was tops...

Top secret of course. But the one obvious thing was a cliff hanger ending that most suspected in a "season finale". Yesterday, Sunday May 23, at 9pm on ABC (Channel 6 (Phila.)) the Alias season this year ended. In a paradoxical way things were revealed and at the same time it weren't (Have to wait for the next season).

One of my SHU friends (I"m not sure which one , but it's one of them) told me a couple of months ago that she was suspicious of Sydney's (Jennifer Garner's character in Alias) father's actions in the past. Throughout my knowledge of the show, Sydney's father appeared to be a "good guy". He loved his daughter, he protected/trusted/helped her. There were times when he did things that questioned his integrity and morals (one might asked: "Was that a good thing or not?"), and in the end in a way, things ended with a "happy note": the world didn't end, no missiles were launched, not as many people died, and the main character's loved ones were still there (ready for the next episode). BUT Sydney's father, Jack Bristow, engendered the shiboleth/saying: "It's my way or the highway." When he wanted information, it was either his way of illiciting it out of people through coercion (Ultimately to death) or not. Being somewhat of a gung ho for "good guys winning", I personally wanted the "bad guys" to lose no matter what.

I know the "end does not justify the means" (For me, this is more true than false) for Jack (Sydney's father) however the end did justify the means. This persuaded me to believe that Jack was not as "good" of a person as I thought he was. Another question popped in my head, if Jack supposedly was not a good guy, how about Arvin Sloane (Jack's friend who in the first season was the main "antagonist" and who supposedly made Sydney's life a living "hell")?

***Cavaet: For those who are not that familiar with Alias (recap), the following might get confusing, but all are welcome to read on and be enlightened.

In the beginning of the third season, Arvin Sloane supposedly had a volte face, his affinity to do 'wrong' vanquished as he learned more about "Rimbaulde" and suddenly he had the ebullience of "Mother Teresa" to help the poor and to give to charities. Sydney, who woke up in Hong Kong (devoid of any memory of how she got there and was mistaken to be dead for the last two years), was of course skeptic. All throughout the third season, I, along with Sydney, doubted Sloane's intentions. Finally, with the manifestation of Sydney's "long lost half sister", and Sloane's 'all too willingness' to save his daughter (Yup that would make Sloane somewhat of a blood family member to Sydney), I changed my mind about Sloane. Unfortunately, my opinion did not stay this way. Sloane was just using his daughter to learn more about Rimbaulde.

Here's the twist (inevitable). Lauren, Vaughn's ex-wife who was a traitor-double agent told Sydney (while they were beating each other senseless) about being pawns in this game. The difference between Sydney and Lauren was that Lauren knew 'who was controlling who'. Lauren controlled her own 'destiny'. Unexpectedly, Lauren was out manuevering Sydney, and she was winning. Vaughn came to the rescue. That was the end of Lauren. Or was it? After a couple of shots, yes it was, but not after she delivered with her last breathe a numerical message to Sydney:"1062". In a "normal" ending, the fall of the antagonist, and the farewell-everything-is-going-to-be-okay-we're-going-to-live-happily-ever-after KISS signaled the end. However in a cliffhanger, one should instead look for the "fat lady" not a 'normal ending.

Sydney found the truth in box 1062. She realized that people she trusted were not as they appeared (they were enthrallingly multifaceted). As she read the 'truth' encoded on the black paper, her father interrupted: "You were never supposed to have found these documents." She looked up, her eyes, trembling orbs of dew, disappointed and confused, gazed at her father, uncertain, as the truth mocked her.

WOW! Next season will be da bomb. There's so many angles to look at, Sloane's, Sydney's sister's (Nadia), Jack's, her mother's, Vaughn's, of course Sydney's, and many more. STAY TUNED!

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May 22, 2004

Haiku in the Haze

Summer is here, time for more haikus, (Wahooo!)

Brotherly love I

Intersection, pause
Angle up, a dome amongst
Shimmering steel, blue

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May 20, 2004

First week in "CCP"

Today is my last day...

Last day of the week, and I survived. This week was the first week of Summer Session I in the Community College of Philadelphia. I'm taking French I, it's comme ci comme ca, I'm definitely learning but I don't know if it's enough for Intro to French II (Not intermediate French II). C'est La vie, A tout a lhuere, oh well. I think it's possible to learn four high school years of French in a semester but I would have to multiple my effort by 100 times. Which I don't feel like doing maybe by 25 times. Maybe.
In my Drawing I, I drew lines. Tons of lines for atleast an hour. I'm learning new things about perspectives and measurements (Wow four years of High school Math does pay off); Standing for atleast two hours "ain't" so bad either. Taking this studio class is making me "think": "Do I want to spend a whole "normal" semester for a twice a week, three hour class or 7 weeks for four times a week three hour classes during the summer."

This is me practicing my French Letter "E" or "U", I'm confused, well here it goes...


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May 15, 2004


"What would this day be like...I wonder...what will my future be...I wonder..."

"It could all be so exciting to be out in the world to be free...I've always longed for adventure...To do the things I've never dared, and here I'm facing adventure, then why am I so scared...I must dream of the things I am seeking...I am seeking the courage I lack..."
This summer, I'm going to think really hard whether to pursue Education. I'm reallly grateful for all the advices I received and I'll take them to heart.
To start off my journey of "discovery" I borrowed 7 children's book just to see what they were like (not like I haven't been exposed to them), and I'm going to continue reading them. This summer might be a record for me, this summer might be the year I've read the most books I have ever read.

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May 13, 2004

Carroll Chorus Line

A friend of mine suggested that I should do a review on the Chorus concert we attended in our old high school, so here it goes.
It was definitely not up to par with the "Westmoreland's Night of the Stars"...

BUT it was so nostalgic listening to "Blue Moon". Their rendition of the WestSide Story Medley was awesome, and "Smile" was cool "you'll get by!" The "Jerome Kern" medley was so poignant that "smoke gets in your eyes." It was nice for a high school performance.
In conclusion College is better than high school, BUT the awesome thing that made high school awesome is the awesome friends that made high school worthwhile and awesome!

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May 12, 2004

Getting "Older"

Yesterday I took a diffrent route and almost got lost (Great thing I had plenty of fuel for the Green Corolla), but I finally made it to the movie theater. I watched Jennifer's Garner's awesome movie 13 Going On 30.

The plot was simple, and critics paralled it to Tom Hank's movie Big. It was still an enoyable movie. Now the critics are hailing Jennifer Garner as the next Julia Roberts. I think that's horrible not that I have something against Julia Roberts, it's just that I think Jennifer Garner has something unique that separates her from "Julia Roberts". Jennifer Garner doesn't need that label, she could stand on her own. Anyway let me tell you why I liked and disliked the ending. (Warning: For those who have not seen the movie yet, do not read the following, unless at your own risk!) I will start with why I disliked the ending:

I think it could have been more original. Instead of actually going back "in time" being a thirteen years old and "rewriting" history, Jenna (Jennifer Garner's character) could have learned a lesson as a thirty years old and lived with the decisions she made in life. The movie could still have an optimistic ending and her character could have evolved as a stronger person. In the movie when Jenna was 30, she could not remember 18 years of her life. She only discovered the person she became through her interaction with other people. It was noticable how she became a bio*ch. She did not keep in touch with her parents, she was sleeping around with a married man while dating a New York Rangers hockey player, she ditched her one true friend, she befriend the girl who made fun of her, and she sabotaged the company she worked for. Rather than being thirteen again, it would be better if she was facing some sort of mid-life crisis where she's examining her own life. All through the movie, her "ex-bestfriend" emphasized how they went on separate roads, they took different paths and her mother even said that she wouldn't change anything in time or go back if she had a chance. Her mother said that if she didn't make the mistakes she did, she wouldn't be the person she was now. The mistakes her mother made enabled her to "set things rights" and still live happily ever after. The movie would be more profound if the theme centered around living in the present, facing the mistake with fortitude and courage and living with grace and hope that "the sun will come out tomorrow." It's like a Turkish proverb, I've read: (Paraphrase) No matter how far along in the "wrong" road one has travelled, it's never too late to turn around and begin a journey in the "right" road (Of course not in the sense of going back in time).

On a brighter note (Blue birds singing): I did enjoy the happily ever after ending with Jenna marrying Matty, eating their favorite candies and moving in their 'pink' house. When the movie reverted back to Jenna's 13th birthday party where she was in the closet, the whole thing (Her life as a 30 years old) could have been a dream or a vision or an epiphany of what life would be like if she treated her friend Matty the way the "mean girls" treated him. The whole movie could have been an allegory which showcased the wisdom "garnered" through age. Sometimes young people could be very precocious. In the closet, Jenna realized that being popular did not live up to all the hype (For example: the Prom King she dated turned out to be a cab driver). It is possible that at the age of thirteen, Jenna realized the more important things in life: her family, her friends, and the "christianly" principles she lives up to.

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May 10, 2004

Mother's Day Adventure

After a gruesome couple of hours waiting, my parents finally arrived at the Hill...

It was quite an adventure for my parents trying to pick me up. Around two in the afternoon, my cellphone rang, "ring, ring" and I picked it up: "Hello!" It was the voice of my mother, I was relieved to hear from them because they said they were going to call around noon. "We're going to be late, we got lost." "Where are you?" I asked. "We're heading toward Pittsburg, we missed the exit." I told them to hurry up and "just turn around and go on Route 30." After an hour had passed by, they called me: "We're in Route 30 now." I told them that they should be in the Hill within fifteen minutes, if they weren't they should go to the nearest gas station and just ask. Half an hour later they were still not in the hill so I called them. My father was bit irritated, they said they were in McDonalds near Walmart. I told them that they were only fifteen minutes away and they were really close. I waited patiently. I looked around my room. The bed sheets were stripped away, and the floor was cluttered with luggages and plastic bags full of books and other accoutrements. The cd player was humming the sound of "music" which reminded me great memories that happened this year. I heard a knock: "Knock, knock!" I opened it, and I was greeted by the smile of my father and mother. They were here finally. "Happy Mother's Day!" I told my mom.
Miraculously all my stuff fitted in the car, definitely next time I wasn't going to bring that much stuff. The highlight of my mother's day adventure was when my father lost track of the speed of the corolla and exceeded the highway limit and got pulled over by the state trooper. If anybody have ever seen the movie/ parody of State Troopers, maybe you'll understand my point. When the state trooper came by, that movie was in my mind. The State trooper blazoned his name and asked for my dad's license and car identification. He had to yell over the traffic gushing in like a loud waterfalling like Niagara falls. It took a while before the State Trooper finally returned with my dad's stuff, he had to wait for his buddy, it must be part of protocol. Finally after we left, I looked at the sideview mirror and saw the state trooper just chilling there talking amongst each other, waiting for the next car to speed passed them.

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May 9, 2004

Last Night in Town

Greensburg, 11:45 p.m.---Have you ever watched the movie 28 Days Later ? Did you ever wake to find everybody you know not around? Well don't you worry, there isn't any virus unleashed recently. Michael Diezmos, first year student turning sophomore next fall was still in Havey 101 because he had to wait for his parents to pick him up. Similar to the guy in the movie who woke up and found everyone gone, Diezmos spent the past couple of days. He said: "It's weird the campus was so quiet, it felt like it was abandoned a long time ago!" So anyway, He missed dinner so he went downtown in search of sustenance.

It's the end of the school year, you might be wondering why Michael Diezmos is still in the Hill. Good Question! What started out as a good year, ended with a BANG!

The first semester was filled with roommates quagmire and beginning of new friendships, while the second was full of term papers and The Bug "Huggers".

Nonetheless, the year ended with new insights gained and friendships established firmly.

On his last day, Diezmos applied what he learned in the honors seminar. He went straight to Greensburg downtown and experience a little bit about the world outside SHU campus and as Director of the Honors program Dr. Atherton once said to see the pace of the town itself.

After walking around Main Street hazard yet forward and behind the Courthouse while passing DV8 Cafe, he went to Rialto Bar and Cafe. He ordered a Sprite and a Cheeseburger with onion lettuce and tomatoes.

He went back to SHU after that. On his way back, he only had one thing to say: "The beautiful drive up to the campus is definitely This Way Up!"

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May 8, 2004


The "Show" must go on...

Today, my friend graduated. As I sat there listening to Stan Sheetz and all the other speakers I started thinking about my graduation. I am actually in no rush to graduate. I definitely want to learn as much as I can in my fours years here at SHU.
What I got from Stan's commencement speech was the importance of pursuing one's passion. I was excited. What is this word "passion"? To reitierate the link provided, Passion is from "[Middle English, from Old French, from Medieval Latin passi, passin-, sufferings of Jesus or a martyr, from Late Latin, physical suffering, martyrdom, sinful desire, from Latin, an undergoing, from passus, past participle of pat, to suffer. See p(i)- in Indo-European Roots.]" Passion is:Physical suffering, desire, an undergoing.
Physical suffering, I'm guessing that this type of suffering is not only limited to the corporeality of human nature. What about migraines and headaches? One suffers when one thinks and worries too much. Or sleep depravity, staying up late until 6 in the morning doing research paper (adding finishing touches). Right now the only physical thing I could think of is "starving" because one could not find a job.
Desire is "a wish your heart makes." Whether it is a desire to plan your life for the next four years or to finish a term paper and start a new one. A desire to go on and pursue your dream.
An undergoing. Here's the cliches "Life is a journey." "Life is an adventure." "It is the journey not the destination..." Nonetheless it is the progress one undergoes whether physical, emotional, mental or spiritual or all the others changes.
So, passion is a journey of struggles to fulfill one's desire. I asked myself: "What is my passion?" "Am I ready for this journey?

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May 6, 2004

and then there was one...

Today, we had to clear the residence hall by 10 pm, not me, I'm staying until Sunday.

So today, I guess it's the last day for everyone. It started in the afternoon, then as the hours dwindle down to evening my friends were all pack and they went home one by one. I said good bye to almost everyone I saw and wished them a very awesome summer and until next time! Overall it was a good first year...:)

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Night of the Stars!

Westmoreland and all that jazz! Woow! :)

Today (May 5)I went to the Palace with my friend to watch the eigth annual Westmoreland "Night of the Stars". It was spectacular. The sad thing was that it wasn't advertise alot on our campus. Ironically Seton Hill University is a sponsor, and that's what I didn't understand. If we were sponsor why did it not get advertise here a lot?
I went in the Palace not really expecting anything. The performers were only high school students. Boy was I stunned. The first act consisted songs and dance scenes from the Music Man,, The King and I and Joseph just to name a few. Overall it was a great experience, because it exposed me to several musicals I've only heard of by name such Barnum, Kiss me Kate and Carnival. The Music Man and Kiss Me Kate had a great overall show with costumes, songs, voices and dance routines. But my favorite was the Greensburg Central CAtholic High School's perofrmance of Children of Eden. I liked it the most because it was more contemporary and it sounded different from the other musicals presented tonight. It also explored more genres of music like gospel , pop, etc.
The night ended with a song from Les Miserable s by the whole cast and a recording of Seasons of Love. It was awesome, I'm definitely going next year, and I hope more SHU students would attend, they are missing out!

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May 4, 2004


I was at the Grotto, hidden behind nature's veil of foilage, contemplating, thinking, and eating an apple...

Then this lady in pink, a silver-haired sage, wearing a pastel pistachio tennis visor and sunglasses, came up to me.
Lady:(gritting her teeth)
"Why are you eating an apple? Don't you know this is a shrine?"
Lady: (rambling) "There's this guy who was smoking here while talking to a girl the grotto...he was a freshman."
Lady:"They should revere and respect the Holy Mother!"
I told her that I wasn't disrespecting the shrine, I was just contemplating and eating an apple facilitated this profound'cognitive process' I was undertaking.
Lady: "I'm sorry, I didn't know if you know about the Mother...are you a Christian?"
I:"Yes, I'm Catholic!"
Lady: "Where you from?"
I:"I'm from the Philippines."
Lady: "Ohh, we've had missionaries there...I'm a Sister, I did try to volunteer to go to Korea...but I guess I'm too old.
Lady: "So what are you studying?"
I: "Creative writing"
LadyOh, creative writing, I thought English Composition in high school and college...I published a novel."
I"Is it in the library, what is about?"
Lady"Oh... life, I'm a missionary, it's a novel, a small one...what classes have you taken?"
I"I haven't taken much, I'm also in the Education program."
Lady"I wrote a novel and my life changed after that, my pathe went a different way...everybody's trying to get to this field, it's hard."
I"I'm interested in Children's literature, for the littlest kid."
Lady"Oh, that's great, just stick with your writing."
Lady:"Do you know those words: Revere and Respect? I know them because I'm a teacher."
I: (a bit appalled) "Yes I know those words, I've attended a Catholic institution since third grade and am currently attending a Catholic University."
Lady"I'm not trying to accuse you, I know it sounds as if I'm scolding you, but they, (the kids) grew up with parents who reveres and respect the shrine, they should pick it up.
I: (answering) "There's a BIG If there!"
I: "What if they didn't grow up with such parents?"
Lady: (rising voice) "There's no if, it's either or, it's up to them to have sense! They are either trained or not!
I: "Well, I don't know, I can't read their minds, I don't know their motives."
Lady"APPLESAUCE! See that's the problem with AMERICA, they're always trying to make excuses, this little girl is tearing up the living's okay she's just a child...ohhh isn't that cute (sarcastically said), one has to be a WOMAN (Pause) of Principle.
I: (stunned) "Well, I'm just going to throw this apple, I'm done."
Lady: "I hope I haven't frightened you."
Lady:"America thinks it's better and smarter than everybody else, they have power and the money...they are making enemies."
I: (Evading) "If I see anybody smoking here, I'll tell them not to."
Lady:"Don't let America..."
I: (nodding and understanding) "Thanks!"
Lady: "Hold on to your principles!"
I walked away and climbed the concrete steps up...

Please comment on my attempt to write a play in dialogues.

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May 3, 2004


So yesterday I was going about my 'hum-drum' life, trying to finish another research paper, but this one was actually fun, it involved watching a movie, the Matrix, then next thing I know, it was time for Alias...

Ah Alias, what a "bomb-diggity" show. When my friends and I actually got to brownlee, I had to stop to another friend of mine's room to borrow her notes but she wasn't there. So we went to their room, and electric currents, what a shock!
Molded wax on palatable pastry with tears of joy flickering and dancing,
Muted trumpets in squeaky voices sang a paean in thy honor
Memories of sweetened honey, chiseled in thee heart: a remembrance...

Pikachoooooo, Pika! :) (V~)

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May 1, 2004

A day...

Yesterday was the Battle of the Buildings, sadly I did not partake on this eventful activity. However I did spend some time in the oxygen bar (fruitless) and inhaled its "fruity" scent, which reminded me a lot of a car freshener. My friends and I were going to participate in the laser tag, but unfortunately it started drizzling, and it was cancelled. In spite of these setbacks it was a day...

It was a day full of the Arts. We watched and listened to SHU Soundoff winner Ashley M. sing her song, the Bodyguard song, At last, and Amazing Grace. Her voice was smooth and strong. She didn't even need accompaniments. AWESOME! After this, we went to Reeves and watched Theater Department Variety show, once again AWESOME! 'Sarah Canter' sang Aida's "I Know the Truth", Erin sang Bette Midler's "The Rose". There were more talents, but these were my personal favorites. During the intermission, we went to Sullivan and listened to a live band called "Two Tall Guy" (I think that's their name). One of my fears about live band is that they're just going to be loud and no substance at all, but this one, even though they were loud (because of the speakers), they performed a great rendition of the Queens and some of their originals had great potential. The Night of the Arts ended with the Wild Video Dance.
So what?! Well not a lot of people showed up, and from the looks of it, it seemed that the Activities Department spend mucho dineros/ bucks for all of these. But for who? Im very grateful for all these don't get me wrong. And I'm sure the people who participated were also thankful. What's irksome is that SHU students complain that there's nothing to do. There's many things to do, it's just that SHU students do not want to do them. My friend and I were talking about inviting the Clarks to Seton Hill again. From what I've heard there was a great turnout. Our proposal is: Instead of spending all that money (for laser tags, Wild video dance, oxygen bar, and a live band that we don't know (although they were very goodd)) why not invite the Clarks. We were also thinking why the the Campus Activities Board did not work with the Theater Department, they could have easily put the live band with the Variety Show, and the turnout would have been great! Just a suggestion or two.

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